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The Centurio is a Mobile suit first seen in the SD Gundam G Generation video game SD Gundam G Generation DS; it is a non-canonical mobile suit due to the nature of the game's crossover history.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Centurio were developed by remnants of Principality of Zeon under the supervision of Gihren Zabi. They're developed using espionage data from the CONCEPT-X 6-1-2 Turn X and WD-M01 Turn A Gundam and built exclusively for use by Legion enhanced humans. As result, Centurio series MS may self-repair with nanomachines and can spread them to repair damaged allies. Its most noticeable feature is the halo-like ring hover around it call Relum Dominatus which also act like a defensive barrier. A set of "wings" are attached to the Relum Dominatus, these wings are Centurio's weapons. They can be used as Blade Luminarium by materialising a nanite saber or combining the pair of them to create the Launcher Geminus, a hand-carried gun capable of launch several projectiles - both beam and solid - in a single salvo. The Centurio's arms will fold out when it uses either weapon.


  • Centurio Auxilius: The weakest model with three wings.
  • Centurio Legatus: Has five wings. It is capable of performing the deadly Field Emperium by launching three of its wings away and spreading nanomachines, much like the Moonlight Butterfly.
  • Centurio Consulare: Has seven wings. In addition to the Field Emperium, three Consulare may join together and perform Deus ex Machina which can spread nanomachines over a much wider area.
  • Imperator: Visually looks like the Consulare. The Imperator is the personal Centurio for Norma Legio, the leader of the Legion. Just as Norma is the essence of Legion's hive mind, Imperator is the Centurio's central unit. Its destruction will cause other the Centurio to dissolve.
  • Centurio Tria: or simply Tria. Tria is the first successful prototype of the Centurio, it look similar to Consulare but has dark gray colors. It is Dee Triel's (main original character of G Generation DS) personal Centurio and independent from Imperator. Tria made its debut when Dee, fighting for AEUG, is fighting an Auxilius and Tria automatically rushes to help its master, departing once the Auxilius is destroyed. It reappears during the battle at GENESIS but is destroyed by other Legion. It got rebuilt and Norma put the mind controlled Dee in it to pit her against her comrades. Nevertheless, Dee managed to break from the mind control and used Tria to help her friends destroy the GENESIS. Tria is the only Centurio remaining after the destruction of Intertol.


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