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Code Amelias (コード・アメリアス Kōdo Ameriasu?) is a fictional character and the main antagonist of SD Gundam G Generation Overworld.



Originally thought to be Aplodia Neuro, her true identity is that of Code Amelias, the descendant of The Old Generation System. She tried to seize both of the Generation Systems and robe Aplodia's existence, becaming the ruler of the world.

Over Impact

Due to Balbadoro accidentally robe her the code of her identity and abilities, she is forced to pilot the Halphas Böse to retrive her code from Balbadoro.

Through using the code of betrayal - Impact - Amelias deceives the player to assist her defeat Balbadoro. She eventually defeats Balbadoro by sacrifice her Halberd, thus regained her code and began her invasion.

Awakening Relic - I am the ruler!!!

Code Amelias was later found in a basement in The Old Generation System by Aplodia Neuro and Code Phoenix, launching her invasion army. When Code Phoenix attempted to stop her alone, he was controlled by the Over Impact and he was forced to fight Aplodia , although Phoenix eventually will regain his senses. Combining forces of the player's, Aplodia and Phoenix, Amelias was utterly defeated by the overwhelming power. Upon defeat, Aplodia robbed her code in stead of Balbadoro to fully robe her ambitions. Although so, Amelias began to be amnesiac and homesick, wanted to "go home", The Old Generation System sensed this and began to "bring her back home". Code Phoenix went to pursuit Amelias from "her home".

Hidden Past - Is this my home?

Amelias and Code Phoenix eventually reached to "the mother" computer of "the system" - First Aplodia - Then he discovers that the computer requires Amelias to reboot the system. It was too late for Phoenix as the computer lured Amelias by posing as her home. The system was reboot and began to berserk as in the past. The system detects Phoenix and began to send in waves of Mobile Suits. Phoenix managed to defeat them, but the computer send in it's trump card,Barbaros Mirage, but it's also overwhelmingly defeated by Phoenix. Suddenly, the system began to self destruct, Phoenix saw this as an opportunity and managed to rescued Amelias.

Epilogue - I'm home,mom.

After Amelias awakes, Code Phoenix informed her that he has "took care of everything" and prepare a (new) home for her,began to feel relived. Phoenix brought Amelias to her home - The Second Generation System - , return to " Aplodia's" side, accepted her new home.


She seems to be inspired in Werbellia The Swamp Witch from the Queen's Blade franchise, including sharing the same voice actress. This is also possibly reinforced due of the name of her Mobile Suit and her background.


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