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Collapsing Land (崩壊の大地 Hōkai no Daichi)?) is Phase-03 of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. It first aired on October 19, 2002 (January 15, 2012 for the HD Remaster version) in Japan.


Lt. Murrue Ramius takes over as captain of the Archangel and Kira and his friends are detained for seeing top secret military weapons while the crew of the Archangel learn that Kira is a coordinator. Rau Le Creuset is determined to capture the Strike after seeing how well it moved and sends out mobile suits to retrieve it. Disobeying orders, Athrun also dispatches so he could confirm if Kira is the one piloting the Strike, but when he finds his answer, Heliopolis crumbles as it sustains too much damage.







Important Events

  • Deceased: Miguel Aiman
  • Kira and Athrun Fight for the first time.
  • Sword and Launcher Striker packs are used for the first time.
  • Heliopolis is destroyed.


HD Remaster Changes

  • Several scenes from the Special Edition release is added in this episode:
    • Badgiruel orders for evasive action.
    • A headshot of Kira piloting the Sword Strike charging to destroy Miguel's GINN.
  • Newly animated scenes:
    • Arnold Neumann steering the ship.
    • Sword Strike destroying Miguel's GINN. 

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