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Colony Public Corporation


Colony Public Corporation (コロニー公社, Koronī Kousha)




Purpose Colony Construction
Part of

The Colony Public Corporation (コロニー公社 Koronī Kousha?) is a public construction group belonging to the Earth Sphere Federation in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A wakening of the Trailblazer.


Colony Public Corporation deals with colony construction projects that were set up by the Earth Sphere Federation. In 2312 AD, the ESF forced many captured dissidents to space to work on numerous colony constructions. Colony Public Corporation overlook the working conditions of these workers.


In A wakening of the Trailerblazer, ESF representatives for the Middle East, Marina Ismail and Shirin Bakhtiar, were sent to the construction site of Colony Public Corporation in Lagrange 3 to check on the Middle Eastern workers and bring home those who wanted to return to Earth. The executives didn't initially planned to cooperate, even going as far as to plan an assassination for the representatives. However, their ploy was stopped by Celestial Being, putting them in unfavourable situation to comply with the reformed ESF's request.

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