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Episode # Title Storyboard Production Animation Director Chief Animation Director Sneak Preview Tagline Airdate
1The Mysterious Mobile SuitMinoru YokitaniKenichi Yoshida, Kenji ImuraAyumi KurashimaSeiichi Hashimoto, Ikuo Kuwana, Morifumi Naka, Ryuji ShiromaeKenichi Yoshida Even if you can't bear to wait, wait! (待ち遠しくても、待て!?)October 3, 2014
2G-Self, Start up!Kunihiro MoriJun ShibataHirofumi Masuda -October 3, 2014
3The Pressure of MonteroShinya WatadaYoshihito HishinumaAtsuo TobeEven if you don't want to watch, watch! (見たくなくても、見る!?)October 10, 2014
4Wild Dance of the CatsithShunichi YoshizawaSatomi KaniKenichi TakaseYou want to watch it now, I'll bet! (見たくなったでしょ??)October 17, 2014
5The Enemy is the Capital ArmyTomoaki KosshidaMarie TagashiraEiji Komatsu, Morifumi Naka (Battleship)If it's too thrilling for you, your don't have to watch! (スリリングすぎるから、見なくていい!?)October 24, 2014
6Dellensen, A Fearsome Foe!Tomoki Kyoda, Minoru YokitaniIsao KameiSachiko SugimotoSeiichi Nakatani,
Morifumi Naka (Battleship)
I bet you wanna watch what happens! (どうなるか、見たいでしょ??)October 31, 2014
7The Mask Corps's Fierce AssaultMinoru YokitaniShun KudōAkiko ToyodaKunihiro Abe, Morifumi Naka (Battleship)Don't watch it while walking! (歩きながら、見るなよ?)November 7, 2014
8Mother, Father and MaskKunihiro Mori, Kenji ImuraJun ShibataRyuji Shiromae, Morifumi Naka (Battleship)If you don't watch, your life will be filled with darkness. (見なけりゃ、人生暗いぞ!?)November 14, 2014
9Megafauna to the SouthHirotaka EndoHirotoshi TakayaKazuki Itou, Morifumi Naka (Battleship)Watch and I'll show your what a genius I am! (僕の天才ぶりを見せつけてやる!?)November 21, 2014
10Escape from the TerritoryTetsuro ArakiYasuyuki EbaraTakuma EbisuThe Earth is under your feet! (足の下は地球なんだぞ?)November 28, 2014
11Charge in! The Space WarIwao Teraoka,
Minoru Yokitani
Shunichi YoshizawaYoshihito HishinumaAtsuo Tobe,
Morifumi Naka (Battleship)
Enemies you can't see are terrifying! (見えない敵は怖い?)December 5, 2014
12Capital Tower OccupiedKou MatsuoSatomi KaniKenichi Takase,
Morifumi Naka (Battleship)
If you don't watch, you'll never understand anything! (見なければ何もわからない?)December 12, 2014
13Those who came from the MoonMasakazu Hishida
Minoru Yokitani
Masakazu HishidaMarie TagashiraEiji Komatsu,
Morifumi Naka (Battleship)
Face reality! (現実を直視しなさいよ?)December 19, 2014
14Space and Mobile Suit BattlesTomomi Mochizuki, Minoru OnotaniTomoaki KoshidaSachiko Sugimoto, Akiko ToyodaKunihiro Abe, Morifumi Naka (Battleship)Lanterns alight in space! (宇宙に提灯が浮いていた?)December 26, 2014
15Fly Forth! To Towasanga!Minoru OnotaniTomoyuki KawamuraShingo TamagawaSeiichi Nakatani, Morifumi Naka (Battleship)This is the very definition of unfair! (理不尽というのはこういうことだ?)January 9, 2015
16Belri's WarKunihiro MoriJun Shibata, Tetsuya MatsukawaRyuji ShiromaeIf you want to understand the story, you'll have to watch. (分かりたければ見るしかないでしょ (?)January 16, 2015
17Aida's DecisionYoshitaka Makino, Minoru OnotaniKenji ImuraChiemi Kurosaki, Hiroshi ShimizuKazuki Ito, Morifumi Naka (Battleship)Don't hold your breath while watching! (息をつめて見るんじゃないよ (?)January 23, 2015
18Ride the Crescent MoonShunichi Yoshizawa, Minoru OnotaniShunichi YoshizawaYoshihito HishinumaAtsuo Tobe, Manabu Katayama, Morifumi Naka (Battleship)Go and brag to everyone once you've watched it! (見たって言いふらしてくれ (?)January 30, 2015
19The Venus Globe GangTomoaki Koshida, Minoru OnotaniTomoaki KoshidaKenichi Yoshida, Ikuo Kuwana, Ayumi Kurashima, Seiichi Hashimoto, Morifumi Naka (Battleship)You people saying it can't exist, please, watch. (そんな宇宙などないという人、見てください?)February 6, 2015
20Space Inside a FrameKunihiro Mori, Minoru OnotaniHazuki MizumotoSatomi Kani, Jun ShibataKenichi Takase, Morifumi Naka (Battleship)You should watch it with your friends! (これは友達と一緒に見る?) February 13, 2015
21The Weight of the SeaKou Matsuo, Minoru OnotaniKou MatsuoMarie TagashiraEiji Komatsu, Morifumi Naka (Battleship)Try not to faint while you watch! (目を回さないで見てくれ?) February 20, 2015
22Reunions in the Earth SphereMasayuki Miyaji, Minoru OnotaniTomoyuki KawamuraSachiko Sugimoto, Atsushi TamuraSusumu Matsunaga, Atsushi Shigeta, Morifumi Naka (Battleship)If you don't watch the video, you can't see it! (君は動画を見なければ、見えない?)February 27, 2015
23Sound of a NewtypeAtsushi Takahashi, Minoru OnotaniKenji ImuraShingo TamagawaSeiichi Nakatani, Morifumi Naka (Battleship)You better watch with rapt attention! (バッテリーフルチャージ?)March 6, 2015
24Space KaleidoscopeAtsushi Shigeta, Minoru OnotaniShunichi YoshizawaJun Shibata, Chiemi Kurosaki, Sachiko SugimotoKazuki Ito, Ryuji Shiromae, Morifumi Naka (Battleship)If you can stop watching, just try! (目を離せるものなら離してみろ?)March 13, 2015
25Crossing the Line of DeathMasayuki Miyaji, Minoru OnotaniTomoaki KoshidaYoshihito Hishinuma, Satomi KaniAtsuo Tobe, Kenichi TakaseTo you who will watch, I offer a heart filled with gratitude! (見てくれる君へ感謝?)March 20, 2015
26Rising on EarthMinoru Onotani, Kunihiro Mori, Masayuki MiyajiKunihiro Mori, Kou MatsuoKenichi Yoshida, Ikuo Kuwana, Seiichi Nakatani, Jun Shibata, Shingo Tamagawa, Marie Tagashira, Chiemi Kurosaki, Ryuji Shiromae -March 27, 2015

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