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The Congress of Settlement Nations (aka CONSENT or simply the Congress) is a faction in the Universal Century timeline and is one of two successors to the Earth Federation in U.C. 0218. CONSENT controls the space colonies of Side 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7.


In U.C. 0223 the Congress of Settlement Nations was suffering from food shortages. Meanwhile Sides 1, 4, and the Lunar cities, had formed the Settlement Freedom League and the neutral Side 8 (Gaea) remained untouched by CONSENT. When it was discovered Side 8 had developed an enzyme that could potentially solve the food shortages, the CONSENT leaders decide to sabotage it to continue the selective starvation of the citizens of the Sides. To achieve this end, they sent its military wing, the CAF (Congressional Armed Forces) to attack Gaea and retrieve the enzyme.

Following their defeat and end of its military aggression against Side 8, colonies still under CONSENT control began to panic. In a bid to reassert their control over these colonies, as well as regain control in the Earth Sphere, Bais, a confidant of the now deceased General Garneaux, began Project Raven. This development project of autonomous mobile weapons, was meant to increase CONSENT's military strength and force the colonies into submission. In U.C. 0224, Illuminati responded to this potential threat by coordinating with their earthbound allies, and sent the Lightning Squad to stop it.

By the end of this operation, the CAF is defeated and CONSENT dissolves, returning autonomy to the parts of the Earth Sphere it once controlled.



  • The armor worn by CONSENT soldiers in the movie are the same props from the Starship Troopers film.
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