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A list of locations seen or mentioned in Turn A Gundam and supplementary material.


North Ameria


A map of North Ameria from an unknown artbook. Locations may contradict what is seen in the series.


  • Nocis:
  • Castle Bostonia:
  • Vicinity:
  • Mountain Cycle:


  • Hughes Harbor:
  • Unnamed city: A city where Duke Borjarno resides, seen in during the montage of the Ghingham Fleet's attack on multiple North Amerian cities.


  • Unnamed village:


  • Myani:


  • Central Daeton:


  • Sealaga:


A territory only mentioned in a map from supplementary material, corresponding to modern-day Cuba. It is possible that some of the islands visited by Loran and Sochie on their way to the Ades region could have belonged to this territory.

Locations of unknown territory

Some locations cannot easily be placed within the borders of the known North Amerian territories, or may overlap with multiple territories.

  • Sunbelt Zone: A region in which the Dianna Counter hopes to establish a Sunbelt Fiefdom for the Moonrace who wish to return to Earth, and in which Phil Ackman later hopes to establish his own Sunbelt Republic, after rebelling against Queen Dianna.
  • Alahaman Mountain Range:
  • Lost Mountain:
  • Underground Tunnel:
  • Will Game's residence:
  • Dianna Counter Garrison:
  • Militia Garrison:
  • Anis's home:
  • Guin's villa:
  • Kingsley Valley:
  • Kieth's Bakery:

Ades Region

A region south of Hughes Harbor, a mountainous rainforest on the mainland. From the Luzianna coastline, travelers cross either the modern-day Gulf of Mexico, the modern-day Caribbean, or both to reach this land, passing over multiple small islands.

Its exact location is vague. Due to the Adeskan culture's Aztec or Mayan appearance, modern-day Mexico or other Central American countries is one likely candidate. However, the former presence of a space elevator implies an equatorial location, in modern-day South America. If so, the Ades Tree may have been a predecessor to the Capital Tower of the Regild Century.

  • Maniupich:
  • Ades Tree:


The Almaiya-class ship Whales passes over the Antarctic coast when traveling to North Ameria from the Moon. An approach from the southern hemisphere is used to avoid detection by the Ghingham Fleet. They do not refer to Antarctica by name, and it is unknown whether or not it goes by a corrupted name, like the other continents in the Correct Century.


Although not seen in the series, the land of Gaulia plays a significant role in the beginning of the conflict, before the general public of Inglessa becomes aware of the Moonrace's existence. Guin uses Gaulia as a byword for the Moonrace, claiming that a war with Gaulia is imminent, and using it to justify increased industrialization and the production of military vehicles. It corresponds to modern-day Europe, its name perhaps a corruption of Gaul.


Mentioned once by Guin, presumably populated. Likely corresponds to modern-day Africa.


Mentioned once by Guin, presumably populated. Likely corresponds to modern-day Asia.

Space Stations

  • Zacktraeger:
  • Mistletoe:

The Moon

  • Genganam
  • Royal Palace
  • Winter Palace
  • The Canal
  • Von City
  • Lunar Mountain Cycles

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