Cosmic Era Mobile Units are mobile suits and mobile armors shown in the fictional universe of Cosmic Era timeline of Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny. Mobile suits and mobile armor are fictional mecha.

The codes after the name specify in which series/manga that mobile suit actually appeared in:

"Gundam" is never used in the series to officially identify any mobile suit; it is an acronym for variations of the various Mobile Operating Systems used to run mobile suits and mobile armors, and Kira Yamato uses it as a nickname to refer to his mobile suit(s). The word "Gundam" is used in marketing copy and model kit/toy packaging to designate the "hero" mobile suits, as opposed to the normal "grunt" mobile suits.

See the units' individual pages, where available, for detailed information.

Spoiler Warning: Spoiler details may follow.

Clyne Faction/Three Ship Alliance

The Clyne Faction stole the ZAFT support ship Eternal, and on meeting up with the remnants of the Orb Union formed the Three Ship Alliance - comprising the Earth Alliance assault ship Archangel, the ZAFT support ship Eternal, the Orb Union battleship Kusanagi, and several mobile suits. The Clyne Faction/Three Ship Alliance being a unit comprised mostly of ZAFT and Earth Alliance defectors, plus surviving Orb Union personnel, it does not have any MS research nor production capability.

They deploy the following units (see the original constructors' sections for additional information):

  • GAT-X103 Buster Gundam [GS] - Earth Alliance prototype stolen by ZAFT, then captured by the Archangel along with its pilot, Dearka Elsman. Dearka later defects to the Three Ships Alliance.
  • MBF-M1 Astray [GS] - Orb Union production Mobile Suit. Eleven units aboard the Kusanagi, pilots included Asagi Caldwell, Juri Wu Nien, Mayura Labatt, and Jean Carry.
  • MBF-M1A M1A Astray [GSA/GS-MSV] - Orb Union production space combat Mobile Suit. One unit aboard the Kusanagi, piloted by Barry Ho.


After the end of the First Alliance-PLANT War, the Clyne Faction evolved into a covert moderate military and political organization dedicated to preventing war, and by C.E. 73 had infiltrated (and/or had allies in) the governments and militaries of most of the major powers. Possessed the former Earth Alliance assault ship Archangel, the former ZAFT support ship Eternal, the secret factory Terminal (hidden with the Eternal in an asteroid), and a number of mobile suits. The asteroid factory had the facilities to build and upgrade mobile suits. Terminal's allies included ZAFT, Orb and Earth Alliance military battleships and units.

Earth Alliance/OMNI Enforcer

OMNI mobile suits have the designation GAT (Gressorial Armament Tactical). Experimental units in the series include the modifier of "X" before the unit designation number (example: GAT-X105 Strike). The word "Gressorial" means "adapted for walking". Mobile armors have the designation TS-MA (Theater Suppression - Mobile Armor). The meaning of the designation RGX is not yet known, but it could refer to either captured ZAFT units or those of Blue Cosmos/LOGOS affiliated squadrons.

OMNI's standard mobile suit operating system is designated "General Unilateral Neuro-Link Dispersive Autonomic Maneuver" (or "GUNDAM"). The GFAS-X1 Destroy uses an OS designated "Gigantic Unilateral Numerous Dominating Ammunition" Fortress.

The Calamity, Forbidden, and Raider, along with their variants are equipped with a type of Phase Shift Armor called Trans-Phase Armor. TP armor varies from PS armor in that it activates only at the point and time of impact, because of this it uses less energy than PS armor, that energy can be used for heavy energy weapons.


  • GAT-X102 Duel [GS] - General-purpose combat mobile suit, the first of the series. Stolen by ZAFT.
    • GAT-X1022 Blu Duel [GS73] - An upgraded GAT-X102 Duel Assault Shroud build by Actaeon Industries. The unit is armed with the standard pair of head-mounted CIWS as well as a shield, retractable beam rifles, a pair of beam sabers, Anti-Armor Penetrators and a railgun. Unlike the original Duel, who's additional 'Assault Shroud' armor was not equipped with Phase Shift armor, all of the GAT-X1022's armor is equipped with Phase Shift. Assigned to the same squad as the GAT-X103AP Verde Buster and GAT-X105E Strike Noir. Piloted by Mudie Holcroft.
  • GAT-X103 Buster [GS] - Artillery MS, equipped with two powerful cannons that can be combined together to form either a long range beam sniper rifle or a highly damaging beam shotgun. Stolen by ZAFT, later recovered.
    • GAT-X103AP Verde Buster [GS73] - An upgraded GAT-X103 Buster build by Actaeon Industries. The unit has all the same armament as the original Buster (two shoulder-mounted 6-tube 220mm missile launchers, a 350mm gun-launcher, and a 94mm high-energy beam cannon), only the previously hip-mounted gun-launcher and high-energy beam cannon have been moved to the shoulders. The hips now each mount an M9009B composite bayonet-equipped beam rifle, which can combine side-by-side to form a single beam cannon. Assigned to the same squad as the GAT-X102 Blu Duel and GAT-X105E Strike Noir. Piloted by Shams Couza.
  • GAT-X105 Strike [GS] - Multi-mode MS, it uses power-up parts called Striker Packs to change configuration:
    • GAT-X105+AQM/E-X01 Aile Strike [GS] - The most used pack, provides two beam sabers; additional maneuverability and some atmospheric flight capability.
    • GAT-X105+AQM/E-X02 Sword Strike [GS] - Provides a MS-sized anti-ship beam saber, rocket anchor and a beam boomberang; enchances short-range melee attacks.
    • GAT-X105+AQM/E-X03 Launcher Strike [GS] - Provides the Agni Super-High Impulse beam cannon and additional shoulder mounted weapons; battleship-grade long range firepower.
    • GAT-X105+P202QX Strike IWSP [GS-MSV] - Integrated Weapon System Pack, combines the benefits of all aforementioned packs and has different armaments.
    • GAT-X105+AQM/E-X04 Gunbarrel Strike [GS-MSV] - An MA that is developed from the Moebius Zero, it can transform into a Striker pack, providing the Strike or 105 Dagger all-range attack by using its 4 wire-guided weapon pods.
    • GAT-X105+P204QX Lightning Strike [GSA] - Provides two additional energy packs and a sniper-class rail cannon, gives additional 150% operating time.
  • GAT-X131 Calamity [GS] - Artillery MS, carries a heavy weapon loadout, with 2 beam cannons on the shoulders, 2 on the shield, and a high energy beam cannon in the chest, as well as a powerful plasma sabot bazooka. Its "living CPU" pilot is Orga Sabnak.
  • GAT-X133 Sword Calamity [GS-MSV/GSA/GSDA] - Close combat version of Calamity, mounts two anti-ship swords instead of the backpack cannons, its shoulders have additional thrusters and mount two beam boomberangs, and it has two rocket anchors. It retains its chest mounted beam cannon, but it is 30% weaker than that of Calamity. Three units were built, piloted by famed aces Edward "Ed the Ripper" Harrelson and Rena "Sakura Burst" Imelia, and "Combat Coordinator" Four Socius.
  • GAT-X207 Blitz [GS] - Uses the Mirage Colloid for stealth capabilities. Stolen by ZAFT, later destroyed by Strike.
    • GAT-X207SR Nero Blitz [GSΔA] - An upgraded GAT-X207 Blitz build by Actaeon Industries. The "SR" stands for "Stealth Reinforcement". Equipped with a large grappling arm on back which can smash even Phase Shift armor.
  • GAT-X252 Forbidden [GS] - Assault MS, carries a powerful scythe and two movable shields which use the Mirage Colloid to deflect incoming beams. It is also heavily armed with two CIWS, two machine cannons, two rail guns and a plasma induction cannon which it uses at all ranges with a controllable arcing beam; piloted by Shani Andras.
  • GAT-X303 Aegis [GS] - A trasformable MS, can transform into mobile armor mode. It is equipped with a devastating beam cannon. Stolen by ZAFT and later self-destructed to destroy Strike.
    • GAT-X303AA Rosso Aegis [GSΔA] - An upgraded GAT-X303 Aegis build by Actaeon Industries. The "AA" stands for "Advanced Acceleration". Unlike the Aegis, it can fire the "Scylla" cannon in mobile suit mode, and is capable of atmospheric flight in both MS and MA mode.
  • GAT-X370 Raider [GS] - A transformable MS, can transform into a high-speed fighter, capable of space and atmospheric flight. It carries considerable weaponry, and can act as a subflight unit for the heavy, groundbound Calamity Gundam .
  • GFAS-X1 Destroy [GSD] - (Gressorial Fortress Armament Strategic - EXperimental). A giant, heavily armed transformable mobile suit, armed with numerous beam cannons and missile launchers, and protected by postitron reflector shields. Destroy's power is such that it is considered a strategic, rather than tactical, weapon. A total of at least nine Destroy units are built. One is piloted by Extended pilot Stellar Loussier, and is destroyed in battle over Berlin. Another is piloted by Sting Oakley, and is destroyed by Shinn Asuka's ZGMF-X42S Destiny in the battle over Heaven's Base. The other seven units were also destroyed during the battles at Heaven's base and the Daedales moon base.

Production units

  • GAT-01 Strike Dagger [GS] - The first mass-production model of the Earth Alliance, derived from the Strike prototype.
    • GAT-01A1 105 Dagger [GS-MSV/GSA/GSD] - The "true" mass-production version of the Strike, capable of mounting the Striker Packs.
  • GAT/A-01E2 Buster Dagger [GS-MSV] - The mass-produced version of the X103 Buster, though very rare. The only known Buster Dagger was piloted by "Sakura Burst", aka Rena Imelia.
  • GAT-02L2 Dagger L [GSD] - Produced following the First Alliance-PLANT War, the successor to the Strike Dagger and 105 Dagger.
  • GAT-04 Windam [GSD] - Mass-produced, enters service in late CE 73 to replace the Dagger-L
  • GAT-706S Deep Forbidden [GS-MSV] - The mass-production version of the Forbidden Blue; some weapons have been removed, and has a strengthened pressure hull instead of relying on Phase Shift armor and "Geshmedig Panzer" to resist water pressure
  • GAT-707E Forbidden Vortex [GSD] - The mass-production variant of the Forbidden Blue prototype, with the pressure-shielding of the Deep Forbidden. Otherwise, it is identical. It replaces Deep Forbidden.
  • GAT-X399/Q Wild Dagger [GSDV] - A limited production ground mobile suit that is derived from the captured ZGMF-X88S Gaia and the GAT-02L2 Dagger L; can transform into a similar quadruped mode like the Gaia; there were 72 Wild Daggers produced for counter-insurgency operations.

Mobile armors

  • TS-MA2 Moebius [GS] - Standard armament is a linear gun and four missiles, but these can be replaced by a single nuclear missile. It was used to destroy Junius 7 in the infamous "Bloody Valentine Incident".
  • TS-MA4F Exus [GSD/GSDA] - Neo Roanoke's mobile armor, similar in concept and appearance to the TS-MA2mod.00 Moebius Zero. Armed with 2 railguns, a missile launcher, and 4 wire-guided gunbarrels, which each mount two beam guns and two beam sabers.
  • TS-MB1B Euclid [GSD] - Mass-produced flight-capable mobile armor. Armed with two beam cannons and two Gatling guns. Fielded in defense of Heaven's Base. Capable of both Earth and Space combat.
  • TSX-MA717/ZD Pergrande [GSA/GSDA] - Prototype mobile armor, nuclear-powered and N-Jammer equipped. Features a multi-vector attack system called DRAGOON.
  • YMAF-X6BD Zamza-Zah [GSD] - Flight-capable mobile armor, has a giant body of vaguely crab-like shape. Three pilots are needed to operate it (one for the main section, one for the claws, and one gunner). It is equipped with combat claws and cannons in the limbs, and a positron reflector in the head capable of deflecting positron beams. Destroyed by ZGMF-X56S Impulse.
  • YMAG-X7F Gells-Ghe [GSD] - Base-defense mobile armor with many similarities to the YMAF-X6BD Zamza-Zah mobile armor, but ground-based. It needs three pilots to operate it and also has a positron reflector. The lower body is spider-like, and the upper body is a heavily modified Dagger torso. One unit was defeated by ZGMF-X23S Saviour.

Eurasian Federation

While also in the Earth Alliance, the Eurasian Federation has their own mobile suits, the Composition Armament Tactical mobile suits. They are based on Acteton Industries' Gel-Finito.

  • CAT1-X Hyperion [GSA] - Unlike the OMNI's other prototype mobile suits, they do not have PS armor, but instead utilize the "Armure Lumiere" light wave shield generator, which can either simply create a lightwave shield on the forearm (which protects against all attacks), or at the risk of running out of power, activate the "barrier" mode, which provide 360 degrees protection. It is armed with beam knives, a beam submachinegun, and beam cannons. The 360 degree barrier can only be activated for 5 minutes.


ZAFT mobile suits have the following designations and meanings:

  • ZGM (Zero-Gravity Maneuver)
  • ZGMF (Zero-Gravity Maneuver Fighter)
  • ZGMT (Zero-Gravity Maneuver Trainer)
  • AMF (Aerial Maneuver Fighter)
  • AMA (Aerial Maneuver Attack)
  • TFA (Terrestrial Fighter Artillery)
  • TMF/A (Terrestrial Maneuver Fighter/Attacker)
  • UWMF/S (UnderWater Maneuver Fighter/Striker(?))
  • UMF (Underwater Maneuver Fighter)
  • YMF (PrototYpe Maneuver Fighter)
  • XMF (EXperiment Maneuver Fighter)

When ZAFT builds five new mobile suits based on the stolen MS units GAT-X102 Duel, GAT-X103 Buster, GAT-X207 Blitz and GAT-X303 Aegis, they develop the ZGMF-X_A series and re-designate the operating system for those suits as "Generation Unsubdued Nuclear Drive Assault Module" Complex (or "GUNDAM" Complex).

After the First Alliance-PLANT War, the OS is updated to support the "Deuterion Beam Energy Supply System" that the newer ZAFT suits use, and the system the ZGMF-X_S series uses is re-designated as "Generation Unrestricted Network Drive Assault Module" . Later in the war a third version of the OS, "Gunnery United Nuclear-Deutrion Advanced Maneuver" System, is used in the new ZGMF-X42S Destiny and ZGMF-X666S Legend.

ZAFT experimental units generally have their numerical designation prefaced with "X" followed by a two or three digit type code and a letter designating their stage of development: "A" for First Stage, "S" for Second Stage and "T" for Third stage suits. For Second Stage units, the two-digit series designators include a type number (first digit) and a series number (second digit), so the ZGMF-X56S Impulse is Type 5, Series 6. The only exceptions are the ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice and ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom due to the fact that they aren't constructed by ZAFT and are "resurrections" of the earlier prototypes. The Type numbers' significance for X_S-series Secon Stage units is as follows:

  • 1: None; only first generations were given this number, but their model numbers are in sequence
  • 2: Transforming Air/space-use units
  • 3: Underwater-use units
  • 4: General all-purpose-use units
  • 5: Silhouette system units
  • 6: DRAGOON system units
  • 7: Unknown
  • 8: Ground-use units

Stolen units

These prototype units are developed by the Earth Alliance, see that section for more details. They appear here because they were reverse engineered and become the basis for all future ZAFT mobile suit development.

  • EA's GAT-X102 Duel [GS] - Piloted by Yzak Joule. Gets upgraded with body armor, called the "Assault Shroud", after being damaged in its third battle with Strike. Assault Shroud is destroyed by Forbidden, but the unharmed Duel destroys Forbidden.


  • YFX-200 CGUE DEEP Arms [GS-MSV/GSA] - After four EA G-units were captured by ZAFT, some of their technology was incorporated into several heavily modified ZGMF-515 CGUE units into several new CGUE Directional Energy Emission exPerimental Arms (DEEP Arms) mobile suits; armed with two heavy beam cannons and a laser sword. One was piloted by Shiho Hahnenfuss until the Second Battle of Jachin Due.
  • YFX-600R GuAIZ Experimental Firearms Type [GS-MSV/GS] - Some ZGMF-600 GuAIZ units were refitted to test several weapons that were used by ZGMF-X10A Freedom (railguns and beam rifle), and ZGMF-X09A Justice (subflight lifter and beam rifle). At least one unit was used in combat by ZAFT at Second Battle of Jachin Due, but current fate is unknown.
  • YMF-X000A Dreadnought [GSA] - A testbed for the N-Jammer Canceller and DRAGOON technologies. It is later acquired by the Junk Guild and then modified into the YMF-X000A/H Dreadnought H.
  • ZGMF-X09A Justice [GS] - Developed by ZAFT using data from the four stolen units, is nuclear-powered and N-Jammer Canceller equipped. It is equipped with the detachable Fatum backpack for atmospheric flight that can be operated remotely for coordinated attacks. Justice can dock with the METEOR System, greatly enchancing its speed, range and firepower. Athrun self-destructs Justice to destroy Genesis.
  • ZGMF-X10A Freedom [GS/GSD] - Developed by ZAFT using data from the four stolen units. Brother unit to Justice, it is also nuclear-powered and has the same N-Jammer Canceller, and can also dock with the METEOR System. Stolen by Kira Yamato. The stolen Freedom is severely damaged by the end of the First Alliance-PLANT War; the unit gets repaired by Orb between the wars. Destroyed by ZGMF-X56S Impulse in the second war.
  • ZGMF-X11A Regenerate [GSA] - Third model in the series, after Freedom and Justice, also equipped with the N-Jammer Canceller. Massive and heavily armed, it is not compatible with the METEOR System. It has the unique capability to eject damaged parts and receive replacements from the mothership. Its backpack is the core unit and has the ability to invade and take control of other MS's system by plugging through the external connector plug found on the back of some MS.
  • ZGMF-X12A Testament [GSDA] - Fourth model in the series, can use Striker Packs and is stolen by EA. Later equipped with new weapons and systems, inclduing Mirage Colloid Virus Spreader.
  • ZGMF-X13A Providence [GS] - Fifth model in the series, it is equipped with the DRAGOON system for controlling remote weapon pods. Piloted by Rau Le Creuset, critically damaged by Freedom and then destroyed by GENESIS.
  • ZGMF-X24S (RGX-01) Chaos [GSD] - Specialized for assault in space, it transforms into a mobile armor used for space combat, its main arament is a pair of detachable remote weapon pods. Stolen by EA. Piloted by Sting Oakley, an Extended pilot. Destroyed by three Orb Union MVF-M11C Murasame mobile suits.
  • ZGMF-X31S (RGX-02) Abyss [GSD] - Equipped with powerful beam weapons, can transform into a mobile armor used for underwater combat. Stolen by EA. Destroyed by ZGMF-X56S/γ Blast Impulse . Piloted by Auel Neider, an Extended pilot.
  • ZGMF-X42S Destiny [GSD] - ZAFT's newest and most advanced mobile suit. Equipped with a nuclear reactor and armament based on all 3 main Silhouettes of the ZGMF-X56S Impulse. Piloted by Shinn Asuka.
  • ZGMF-X56S Impulse [GSD] - Composed of the Core Splendor, the Chest Flyer and the Leg Flyer, can dock mid-air into a mobile suit form. Its armament includes 2 chest-mounted CIWS, 1 high-energy beam rifle, 1 mobile shield, and 2 "Folding Razor" knives. The Impulse is piloted by Shinn Asuka. Like the earlier Strike, the Impulse can be equipped with additional packs called "Silhouettes":
    • ZGMF-X56S/α Force Impulse [GSD] - High mobility configuration, analogous to the Aile Strike, but capable of atmospheric flight.
    • ZGMF-X56S/β Sword Impulse [GSD] - Analogous to the Sword Strike, and similar to the GAT-X133 Sword Calamity; equipped with anti-warship swords and beam boomerangs.
    • ZGMF-X56S/γ Blast Impulse [GSD] - Analogous to the Launcher Strike, and similar to the ZGMF-X10A Freedom; equipped with beam cannons, railguns, and beam javelins.
    • ZGMF-X56S/δ Chaos Impulse [GSDA] - Uses Silhouette and specialized Leg Flyer to duplicate the abilities of the ZGMF-X24S Chaos.
    • ZGMF-X56S/ε Abyss Impulse [GSDA] - Uses Silhouette and specialized Leg Flyer to duplicate the abilities of the ZGMF-X31S Abyss.
    • ZGMF-X56S/ζ Gaia Impulse [GSDA] - Uses Silhouette and specialized Leg Flyer to duplicate the abilities of the ZGMF-X88S Gaia.
    • ZGMF-X56S/θ Destiny Impulse [GSD-MSV/GSDA]- Analogous to the Strike IWSP; it is later developed into the ZGMF-X42S Destiny.
  • ZGMF-X88S (RGX-03) Gaia [GSD] - Capable of transforming into a 4-legged mobile armor used for terrestrial combat. Stolen by EA, Piloted by Stellar Loussier, an Extended pilot. Later recovered by ZAFT and was stolen by the Clyne Faction. It was then painted in the colors of its pilot Andrew Waltfeld.
  • ZGMF-X666S Legend [GSD] - A successor to the ZGMF-X13A Providence, equipped with a nuclear reactor and an improved version of the DRAGOON system. Originally assigned to Athrun zala, however, due to his deflection, it was assigned to Rey za burrel instead.
  • ZGMF-X2000 GOUF Ignited [GSD] - Prototype mass production MS developed by ZAFT, the GOUF (Guardian of Unity Forerunner) Ignited is armed with two tentacle-like heat rods, a double-edged beam sword, and two 4-barrel beam guns. Piloted by Heine Westenfluss, gets destroyed in its first battle on Earth by ZGMF-X88S Gaia.
  • ZGMF-X2000CQGB&S GOUF Crusher [GSD-MSV] - A close combat variant of the ZGMF-X2000 GOUF Ignited design, the beam guns and beam sword have been removed, and replaced with a heavy hammer and vice claw. The design was dropped because it was less useful than the original GOUF design.
  • ZGMF-YX21R (RGX-04) Proto-Saviour [GSDA] - Prototype of the ZGMF-X23S Saviour, the Proto-Saviour was developed and built on Earth. It is identical to the Saviour Gundam in armaments and capabilities, except it is also equipped with a Mirage Colloid Virus Spreader. Piloted by Ile De Llorar
    • ZGMF-YX21R Proto-Saviour+11 (Plus Eleven) [GSDA] - A version of the Proto-Saviour that attacks the ReHOME.

Production units

  • AMA-953 BABI [GSD] - Transformable aerial combat mobile suit. Armed with a beam rifle, a shotgun, a chest-mounted beam cannon, and two wing-mounted 12-round missile pods. Supplements and will probably eventually replace the aging AMF-101 DINN.
  • TFA-2 ZuOOT [GS] - Designed as a ground assault artillery unit that could transform into a tank. Heavily armed but slow and vulnerable.
  • TFA-4DE GAZuOOT [GSD] - Upgraded TFA-2 ZuOOT, serves in fire support and interior PLANT defense role. Equipped with beam cannons and missile launchers.
  • TMF/A-802 BuCUE [GS/GSD] - Standard MS for land combat, especially desert warfare. Its quadrupedal design makes it far more mobile than bipedal suits on rough terrain. Armed with a dual railgun or a 13-tube missile pod, and later upgraded with a dual beam saber.
  • TMF/A-803 LaGOWE [GS] - Two-seat commander version of the BuCUE. Armed with a dual beam cannon and beam saber. The first unit was piloted by Andy Waltfeld, but was destroyed by the GAT-X105 Strike in its first battle.
  • UMF-4A GOOhN [GS/GSD] - A mobile suit designed for aquatic use.
  • UMF-5 ZnO [GS] - A mobile suit designed for aquatic use.
  • UMF/SSO-3 ASH [GSD] - Transformable amphibious mobile suit, appears to be a development of the older UMF-5 ZnO. Includes both underwater and surface-use weaponry, making it a far superior amphibious unit than its predecessors.
  • UTA/TE-6P Geo-GOOhN [GSD] - Production model of the UTA/TE-6 GOOhN Underground Mobility Test Type.
  • ZGMF-515 CGUE [GS/GSD] - High performance mobile suit, used by unit commanders.
  • ZGMF-600 GuAIZ [GS] - The successor to the GINN series. Features beam weapon technology derived from the stolen EA units. Comparable in performance to the stolen units.
    • ZGMF-601R GuAIZ R [GSD] - Updated version of the GuAIZ, rolled out after the war. Superior in armament, but has reduced thrust and simplified controls compared to the original GuAIZ.
  • ZGMF-1000 ZAKU Warrior [GSD] - A mass-production MS, developed after the First Alliance-PLANT War as the main MS production line under the "New Millennium Series" project. It is equipped with a beam assault rifle and a beam axe. All ZAKU units can mount different expansion packs, called "Wizards", that allow for different combat configurations:
    • ZGMF-1000/A1 Gunner ZAKU Warrior - Artillery Wizard, contains a high energy, long-range beam cannon, the M1500 Orthros, and a high-capacity energy tank.
    • ZGMF-1000/K Slash ZAKU Warrior - Close-range combat Wizard, sports a large beam axe and shoulder-mounted beam gatling guns.
    • ZGMF-1000/M Blaze ZAKU Warrior - High-mobility combat Wizard, its backpack carries a pair of high-count missile pods.
    • ZGMF-1000/AAL Noctiluca ZAKU Warrior - Amphibious assault landing version of the ZAKU Warrior, capable of skimming along the ocean surface at high speed and armed with torpedoes and depth charges. Uses modified feet, shoulders, and head, as well as the Noctiluna Wizard.
    • ZGM-1000/R4 Command ZAKU CCI - An unarmed ZAKU Warrior used for battlefield command and control. Shoulder shield is replaced by a large parabolic antenna and beam rifle with an "antenna rifle", and mounts the antenna-laden Command Wizard. Typically escorted by two standard ZAKU Warriors.
  • ZGMF-1001 ZAKU Phantom [GSD] - High-end version of the ZAKU Warrior, a commander class unit. It is equipped with the same beam assault rifle as the ZAKU Warrior, but carries two beam axes. The ZAKU Phantom mounts the same Wizard units as the ZAKU Warrior.
  • ZGMF-2000 GOUF Ignited [GSD] - Production model of the ZGMF-X2000 GOUF Ignited, for use by squad leaders and aces. Indistinquishable from the prototype, aside from the blue and white color scheme.

Mobile armors

  • XMF-P192P Proto-Chaos [GSDA/GSD-MSV] - Prototype mobile armor from which the later ZGMF-X24S Chaos was derived. Resembles Chaos's mobile armor mode, but mounts an addition pair of remote weapon pods instead of arms.

Orb Union

Orb mobile suits have the following designations and meanings:

  • ORB (ORB Union)
  • MBF (Main Battle Figure)
  • MVF (Main Variable Figure)


  • ORB-01 Akatsuki [GSD] - Mobile suit left for Cagalli Yula Athha by her father, Uzumi Nara Athha. Has a gold color armor, in keeping with its name (which means "dawn"), while also able to reflect beam attacks. The armor, however, does not posses Phase Shift. Later piloted by Neo Roanoke.
  • MBF-02 Strike Rouge [GS/GSD] - When the EA unit GAT-X105 Strike is destroyed, Orb rebuilds it for Archangel. With the spare parts they assemble the MBF-02 Strike Rouge, piloted by Cagalli Yula Athha. It can be equipped with the IWSP that was kept onboard Kusanagi. Between the wars, it was put on display with the IWSP.
  • MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame [GSA/GSΔA/GSVSA] - Designed to be piloted by Naturals, it is later programmed to shoot beam orbs from its hands. It is also mounted with a sharp solid-state katana called the Gerbera Straight, which allowed for melee combat without depleting the energy reserves. Later upgraded with "Mars Jacket" external armor, styled after ZAFT mobile suits (and resembling the Universal Century MS-14 Gelgoog). After that, it is upgraded again into the MBF-P02Kai Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai.
  • MBF-P04 Gundam Astray Green Frame [GSFA] - The 4th unit of the prototype Astray developed by Orb. Former Orb pilot Barry Ho gave it to Trojan Noiret, a guerrilla soldier. It is unknown how Barry obtained the 4th unit.

Production units

  • MBF-M1 M1 Astray [GS/GSD] - Orb's first mass-production suit, based on the original Astray prototypes such as the MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame. Later equipped with a new EF-24R "Shrike" rotor pack on its original flight pack, to increase flight capabilities.
  • MBF-M1A M1A Astray [GSA/GS-MSV] - Space use model. Has additional thrusters and a sniper beam rifle.
  • MVF-M11C Murasame [GSD] - Mass-production mobile suit, capable of transforming into a fighter jet-like flight mode. Armed with a beam rifle and beam saber, plus a beam cannon and four machine guns in flight mode.
    • MVF-M11C Murasame Reconnaissance Type. A recon variant of the Murasame, it is equipped with a large sensor radome on its back, resulting in the loss of the back-mounted beam cannon
    • MVF-M12A Ootsukigata [GSD-MSV] - Space-use artillery variant of the Murasame with a railgun and special targeting system. Three were known to participate in the Battle of Messiah.


Librarian mobile suits have the following designations and meanings:

  • LG (Librarian Gale)
  • LH (Librarian Hail)
  • LN (Librarian Nix/Librarian Nebula)
  • LR (Librarian Regen)
  • LV (Librarian Vent)
  • LM (Librarian Mirage)

The Librarian Mobile units were based on the original units created by both the Earth Forces and ZAFT. Because they possess data even beyond military levels, they have several MS which have been improved beyond imagining.


  • LG-GAT-X105 Gale Strike Gundam [GSVSA] - A close combat Mobile unit developed by the mysterious organization known as Librarian. The backpack is based on the Aile Striker with propulsion system moved to each shoulder which greatly improves the mobility of Gale Strike, allowing it to brake or move from side to side in mid-air quickly. In addition to the standard armaments of the original Aile Strike, Gale Strike is also armed with a pair of large anti-ship swords which are also used as support wings to assist in aerial maneuvers. While it is visually similar to Strike Gundam, Gale Strike actually has strengthed frame and joints to withstand increased force from air mobility. While it's unknown if Gale Strike is still compatible with Earth Alliance's striker pack, its backpack is interchangeable with other Librarian's mobile suit. It was piloted by a masked man named ND-HE (No Data High Error).
  • LH-GAT-X103 Hail Buster Gundam [GSVSA] - Developed by the mysterious organization known as Librarian, the Hail Buster is a long-range use Mobile unit that closely resemble the GAT-X103 Buster, but also has anti-ship vulcan mounted on each missile pod's cover plate. The sensor and fire-control system is greatly improved, allowing Hail Buster to rapidly fire its weapons on several targets at once. The gun launcher and energy gun are mounted in a Striker Pack that is interchangeable with other Librarian's mobile suit. Furthermore, the Mirage Colloid stealth system is integrated into Hail Buster. This allows it to sneak upon enemies and bombard them without being noticed. Its pilot is Finis Socius.
  • LN-ZGMF-X13A Nix Providence Gundam [GSVSA] - The Nix Providence is a DRAGOON-Use Mobile Unit of the Librarian, based on ZGMF-X13A Providence. Similar to other custom mobile suits utilise by Librarian, Nix Providence is compatible with Striker Pack. The DRAGOONs are repositioned to improve efficiency and the large DRAGOONs can be aim and shoot without deploying. The suit is also equipped with a DRAGOON Striker that combines the originally handheld Judicium beam rifle with Providence's shoulder armors, and can be ejected and function like a DRAGOON. The pilot is Prayer Reverie.
  • LR-GAT-X102 Regen Duel Gundam [GSVSA] - A General-Purpose Mobile Suit, the Regen Duel is developed by the Librarian from the battle data of the GAT-X102 Duel. Similar to other custom mobile suit utilize by Librarian, Regen Duel is compatible with Striker Pack. It's usually armed with Bazooka Striker, mounting Gae Bolg 350 mm rail bazooka. Regen Duel is also armed with similar weapons to Duel Gundam with addition of Rudra 115 mm rail rifle, a hand-hold version of Shiva rail-gun. Its pilot is Kaite Madigan.
  • LN-GAT-X207 Nebula Blitz Gundam [GSVSA] - Librarian's second Stealth unit and is based on both the GAT-X207 Blitz and MBF-P01-Re2<AMATU> Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina. Similar to other custom mobile suits developed by Librarian, Nebula Blitz is compatible with Striker Pack. The Nebula Blitz is refitted with similar weapons system to Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina, with the energy absorption claws and harpoons mounted on Maga no Ikutachi Striker. A set of additional lancer darts are stored on the right waist and the Tsumuha no Tachi claws are stored on the left waist. Nebula Blitz's head is slighly redesigned and features improved sensors and heat exhaustion. The Mirage Colloid stealth system is capable of performing a trick known as Mirage Colloid Teleport which can be used only by Lily Thevalley.
  • LV-ZGMF-X23S Vent Saviour Gundam [GSVSA] - One of two transformable Mobile units used by the Librarian, the Vent Savior is the improved version of the ZGMF-X23S Savior. The wings on Amfortas beam cannons are moved to Vent Saviour's shoulders. This provide Vent Saviour with better mobility when compared to the original Saviour Gundam. Like all other Librarian mobile suits, Vent Saviour is compatible with Librarian's Striker Packs but doesn't has one as standard armament. It is initially piloted by Gud Vair, who passes it to Elijah Kiel of Sepent Tail.
  • MBF-P05LM Gundam Astray Mirage Frame/MBF-P05LM2 Gundam Astray Mirage Frame 2nd Issue/MBF-P05LM3 Gundam Astray Mirage Frame 3rd Issue [GSVSA] - Modified from the fifth and last of the 5 Prototype Astray Units. For a long time, the existence of the last mecha was uncertain but it was recovered by the Librarian and given several alterations. The Gundam Astray Mirage Frame has two head mounted "Igelstellung" 75mm multi-barrel CIWS, two beam sabers, a beam rifle, a pair of physical blades "Bracelet Sword", a pair of folding triple claws "Anklet Sword”, and lastly a VPS equipped katana, "Amenohabakili". The suit also has a special Mirage Colloid system allowing it to disguise as other suits. The main feature of the Mirage Frame is its ability to transform into a close combat form known as Gladiator Mode. Unlike the other 6 units used by the librarian, this model does not use Striker Packs. Its upgrade form, the Astray Mirage Frame 2nd issue has a different transformation mode that is similar to the Gaia. The unit is later upgraded into Astray Mirage Frame 3rd Issue. It is piloted by a Carbon Human clone of Rondo Ghina Sahaku.



  • ZGMF-X12 Gundam Astray Out Frame/ZGMF-X12D Gundam Astray Out Frame D [GSDA] - A custom mobile suit built by Lowe Guele, using a spare unarmored frame of ZGMF-X12A Testament Gundam. Able to use the EA's Striker Packs designed for GAT-X105 Strike as well as custom equipment such as the Back Home and G-Flight. It can also mount ZAFT's Silhouettes and ZAKU Wizard Packs by using the Multi-Pack adapter system. It is later modified into Gundam Astray Out Frame D, with a secondary cockpit for a co-pilot/observer in the head. Piloted by photojournalist Jess Rabble.
      • ZGMF-X12+AQM/E-X01 Astray Aile Out Frame [GSDA] - Uses the Aile Striker from the GAT-X105 Strike.
      • ZGMF-X12+AQM/E-X03 Astray Launcher Out Frame [GSDA] - Uses the Launcher Striker from the GAT-X105 Strike.
      • ZGMF-X12 Astray Out Frame G-Flight [GSDA] - Uses a special G-Flight Unit that provides sustained flight capability on Earth and enhanced mobility in space.
      • ZGMF-X12/A1 Astray Gunner Out Frame [GSDA] - Uses the Gunner Wizard from the ZGMF-1000 ZAKU.
      • ZGMF-X12/K Astray Slash Out Frame [GSDA] - Uses the Slash Wizard from the ZGMF-1000 ZAKU.
      • ZGMF-X12/M Astray Blaze Out Frame [GSDA] - Uses the Blaze Wizard from the ZGMF-1000 ZAKU.
      • ZGMF-X12/α Astray Force Out Frame [GSDA] - Uses the Force Silhouette from theZGMF-X56S Impulse.
      • ZGMF-X12/β Astray Sword Out Frame [GSDA] - Uses the SwordSilhouette from theZGMF-X56S Impulse.
      • ZGMF-X12/γ Astray Blast Out Frame [GSDA] - Uses the Blast Silhouette from theZGMF-X56S Impulse.
      • ZGMF-X12D+AQM/E-X01 Astray Aile Out Frame D [GSDA] - Uses the Aile Striker from the GAT-X105 Strike.
      • ZGMF-X12D+AQM/E-X02 Astray Sword Out Frame D [GSDA] - Uses the Sword Striker from the GAT-X105 Strike.
      • ZGMF-X12D+AQM/E-M11 Astray Doppelhorn Out Frame D [GSDA] - Uses the Doppelhorn Striker from GAT-02L2 Dagger L.
      • ZGMF-X12D/θ Destiny Gundam Astray Out Frame D [GSDA] - Uses the Destiny Silhouette from the ZGMF-X56S Impulse Unit 01.
      • ZGMF-X12D Astray Out Frame D G-Flight [GSSA] - Uses a special G-Flight Unit that provides sustained flight capability on Earth and enhanced mobility in space.
  • NMS-X07PO Gel Finieto [GSA] - Actaeon Industries' prototype mobile suit. Equipped with a Mirage Colloid virus spreader, capable of seizing control of nearby mobile suits' computer systems. Piloted by Kenaf Luchini.
  • GSF-YAM01 Δ Astray [GSΔA] - Pronounced "Delta Astray". Equipped with "Voiture Lumiere" light propulsion system, and armed with a sword and beam rifle. Piloted by Martian Coordinator Ergnes Brahe. Crippled in battle with the GAT-X105E Strike Noir.
  • GSX-401FW Stargazer [GS73] - DSSD prototype unmanned space exploration mobile suit. Equipped with "Voiture Lumiere" propulsion system, allowing it to rapidly travel beyond the solar system. Can deflect incoming beam shots, or capture them to produce a temporary cutting weapon. Intended to utilize nuclear power, but lacks a functional N-Jammer Canceller.
  • GSF-YAM02 Guardshell [GSΔA] - Three-legged transformable mobile armor. Equipped with beam shield and tentacle-mounted beam cannon. Piloted by Martian Coordinator Nahe Herschel. Seems to be influenced from the Tripod from H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, due to its Martian origin, triple legs, domed head and tentacle beam cannon. The Guardshell can transform into a mobile suit, with the third leg folding behind its back and the upper "shell" ejecting for use as a large yo-yo like weapon with a beam edge.
  • MMF-JG73L Turn Δ Astray [GSΔA] - Successor to the Δ Astray. Designed by Lowe Guele, incorporating Martian and Earth sphere technology.

Production units

  • MAW-01 Mistral [GS] - A standard mobile pod primarily used for colony defense and for general utility work. Cheap and easy to use. Commonly used by both the Earth Alliance and Orb, and by independent factions and space-based corporations.
  • Kimera [GSA] - Heavily modified MAW-01 Mistral mobile pods used by the Junk Guild for salvage operations. Each has unique modifications to suit the pilot's personal preferences.
  • MWF-JG71 Raysta [GSA] - A non-combat mobile suit designed by Junk Guild technician Yoon Zefan and based on Orb's Astray series. Leased to civilians on the condition that they not be used for combat.

Retrofitted stolen/salvaged units

  • ZAFT's ZGMF-1017 GINN - A wide variety of customized GINNs are employed by small, non-aligned factions. These range from minor cosmetic alterations to extensively rebuilt units.

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