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Hair Color
  • Blonde
  • Killed in Action
  • Male
  • President of the Jupiter Empire
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Crux Dogatie (クラックス・ドゥガチ) is the primary antagonist of the Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam manga. Leader of the Jupiter Empire and father of Bernadette Briett.


One of the earliest colonists sent to Jupiter, Crux Dogatie was the leader of the space colonies of Jupiter. According to himself, he spent seventy years building the Jupiter colonies, creating a nation from almost nothing.

However, the Earth Federation, having never given the Jupiter colonies any assistance despite their hardship, proposed a political marriage with Dogatie when he was over eighty years old in order to control Jupiter. This act filled Dogatie with a burning hatred toward the Federation. His hatred was only worsened by the fact his young wife was filled with a kindness that can never be produced in the harsh environment of the Jupiter colonies, causing Dogatie to feel that everything he did for the last seventy years were ultimately for nothing.

In order to exact vengeance upon the Federation and Earth itself, Dogatie presented himself as a man of peace toward Earth, gaining the trust of the Federation while he secretly founded the Jupiter Empire. Using the harsh environment of Jupiter to his advantage, he spread the idea that the people of Jupiter would destroy the Federation one day and take Earth for themselves, freeing them from the hardship of having to ration even the most basic of necessities, such as water and oxygen. Soon, he had an army of fanatical followers at his disposal.

However, only the higher ranking members of the Jupiter Empire, such as the Death Gale team and Karas, knew Dogatie's true plan: he never wished to take over Earth at all, and only wanted to destroy all life on the planet. Since the colonies already possessed the ability to manufacture everything humans need to survive, they believed that Earth is not needed for the Jupiter Empire, and that Dogatie planned to turn Earth into a massive resource satellite under the control of the colonies. Once the only humans left are forced into space colonies, every aspect of life, from production to population would be strictly controlled, which they believed would eliminate overpopulation and the conflicts it causes.

During his final battle with Tobia, however, Dogatie revealed that even that was only a falsehood. He does not care at all about what happens to Earth after it is destroyed, he only wanted to watch it burn. During his final moments, his wish was granted in the form of a dying hallucination as the Divinidad burns around him.


After Kincade Nau and Tobia Arronax of the Crossbone Vanguard infiltrated a Jupiter Empire base and acquired intelligence on Dogatie's whereabouts, the Crossbone Vanguard launched an all out assault on his location: Io, one of Jupiter's moons. Despite heavy resistance from the Jupiter Empire forces, they managed to breakthorugh their defenses and reach the headquarters, only to discover that the "Dogatie" in the headquarters was only one of nine identical Bio-Brain units implanted with Dogatie's personalities.


Notes and Trivia

  • Though never explicitly stated in the manga, he is most likely a Newtype given his ability to control the Divinidad's Feather Funnel. To reflect this, he has the "Newtype" special ability in Super Robot Wars α2, though he no longer has this ability in Super Robot Wars V for unknown reasons.


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