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The DT-6600 Daughtap is a mass production support space mobile pod. The unit is featured in the series After War Gundam X.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The DT-6600 Daughtap is a mass production support mobile pod developed and fielded by the United Nations Earth (UNE) for space combat. The Daughtap is a modified civilian space work pod for combat. Modifications to the original work pod include the attachment of 80mm cannon and overall heavier armor. Moreover, the Daughtap features two arms that appear to be same model with DT-6800A Daughtress', but with claws-like manipulators instead of hands.

As Daughtap mobile pods were easy to refit and inexpensive, the Daughtap served as a staple weapon of the UNE.

A known variant of the Daughtap is the DT-6600 Daughtap Underwater Type, a non-combat underwater variant of the Daughtap used for deep sea work.

The Daughtap's primary and only weapon is its 80mm cannon which is mounted beneath the pod's body.


  • 80mm Cannon
The 80mm cannon serves as the Daughtap's primary and only weapon. This armament is mounted beneath the Daughtap's body and fires physical rounds.


The DT-6600 Daughtap is a mass-produced support mobile pod developed and deployed by the United Nations Earth (UNE) during the 7th Space War. Due to their inexpensive nature, the Daughtap was deployed in large numbers by the UNE in an attempt to field as many units during the war to compete with the mobile weapons of the Space Revolutionary Army. The Daughtap served primarily as a support unit for the other mobile suits of the UNE such as the DT-6800A Daughtress. It can be assumed that the Daughtap was phased out of use during the final stages of the war due to the deployment of the more advanced Gundam-series mobile suits.

After the cataclysmic war, a number of Daughtaps survived and found their way in to the hands of various factions which modified Daughtaps to serve non-combat roles such as underwater work units.



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