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The DTM-7000 Daughseat is a Mobile Suit in the series After War Gundam X.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

One of the first mobile suits built by the United Nations Earth forces to combat the ground and sea forces of the Space Revolutionary Army. Equipped with extend-able arms, the Daughseat is able to reach out and grab another mobile suit and use its two beam guns mounted in its hands to cause serious damage. It is also equipped with 4 torpedo launchers that fire three torpedoes at a time, and its torpedoes can use either standard warhead or anti-aircraft missile as their payload.


  • Torpedo Launcher
  • Beam Gun

Special Equipment & Features

  • D-Navi Radar System
A special radar system unique to the units of Doza Bale.


Production of the Daughseat began in the pre-After War era, built by the United Nations Earth to give them domination of the sea. After the colony drops many of these machines survived and kept in operation by various groups. The most notorious groups to use these mobile suits are the Orcs, bands of vicious sea pirates.

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