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The DTM-700D Esperansa is a Mobile Armor which appears in the series After War Gundam X. It is piloted by Ennil El only once during the Freeden's stop on the island of Zonder Epta.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The armament of the Esperansa is simple and consists of two beam guns and two machine cannons. Like most other mobile armors is lacks weapons for close combat and instead relies on its speed.


  • Machine Cannon
  • Beam Gun


Built from salvaged parts of various Mobile Suits, the Esperansa was sold by arms dealer Lumark Kauto to Ennil El. At first she didn't wanted to buy it but changes her mind after she found out that the Freeden is in port. Ennil used it to check out the ship while at the same time evading fire from the Freeden's Gundams. She was able to get in front of the bridge but finally decided to retreat

Ennil later flew over the island Zonder Epta with the Esperansa, of which she thought it was uninhabited. Since the island was a secret base of the New United Nations Earth where the military was testing the new GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X, Ennil is attacked but is able to see the Gundam. To prevent her from telling anyone the Frost brothers attacked the mobile armor with their Gundams and were able to destroy it. The Freeden however was able to save Ennil and recover the flight recorder of the Esperansa, which allowed the crew to find the island.



  • In early draft of After War Gundam X story, Ennil was suppose to use an upgraded model of the Esperansa - a Gundam-type MS - in the final story arc.
  • Esperansa means hope in Spanish and its designer points it out in-show.

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