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"Airship" is not in the list of possible values (Battleship, Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser, Light Cruiser, Destroyer, Carrier, Transport, Escort Ship, Mother-ship, Frigate, Mobile Fortress, Submarine, Aircraft Carrier) for this property.

The Damocles is an airship in the series Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


A luxury airship of Neo France, the Damocles was used by the nation's royal family and ranking officials to observe the proceedings of the 13th Gundam Fight. Most of the vessel's footprint was made up of three enormous balloons, which in turn mounted a series of propellers for navigation and propulsion. The elaborate canopy suspended by these balloons was dominated by a sizable observation deck, with two levels of VIP suites behind it.

It was from the bow of this ship that Maria Louise observed the battle between the GF13-083NCB Arachno Gundam of Neo Cuba and the GF13-009NF Gundam Rose of her crush, George de Sand.


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