The Darwin-Class is a fictional space battleship from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

The Darwin-class appears to have been developed from the warships used by the Euba and Zalam forces during the colony wars prior to the onset of the Advanced Generation calendar. This class sports a vertical dual-hull design with a single thruster engine mounted between the two hull sections and is armed with nine 2-barrel Beam Cannons and 32 missile launcher tubes.

Though the Darwin-class does not have a launch catapult, it is capable of carrying an unknown number of RGE-B790 Genoace mobile suits.


  • Beam Cannons
The Darwin's primary anti-ship weapons are large scale beam cannons, of which there are eighteen, mounted in nine 2-barrel turrets that are situated on the dorsal, ventral, port, and starboard sides of the hull. These turrets are capable of covering the ship from all approaches.
  • Missile Launchers
The Darwin also mounts 32 missile launcher tubes on the sides of the hull that are capable of firing missiles on a forward arc only.


This class makes it's first visual appearance in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE when Strahler Guavaran uses a small fleet of three Darwin-class ships to prevent the Diva from escaping Minsry colony.

Shortly after intercepting the Diva, both Guavaran's fleet and the Diva come under attack from the UE, forcing them into a temporary uneasy truce in an effort to drive off the UE forces. After the battle, Guavaran decides to allow the Diva to proceed, citing that the ship had escaped during the confusion caused by the sudden UE attack.




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