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Daryl Lorenz (ダリル・ローレンツ Dariru Rōrentsu?) is the deuteragonist of the Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt manga, its ONA adaptation and the ONA's compilation movie.

Personality & Character

Daryl has tanned skin, brown eyes, and a shaggy afro. He is introduced as a pilot with prosthetic legs, having lost them in ground combat on Earth and is a member of Zeon's Living Dead Division in space. As the fighting rages, Daryl eventually loses both his arms as well. He is shown to be a composed and competent mobile suit sniper, and later on a very aggressive and sharp mobile suit fighter pilot in the MS-06R Zaku High Mobility Type.

Daryl's preferred music genres are the blues, country and pop, and he usually will listen to them while out on a mission to help him relax and focus.

Skills and Abilities

Daryl is the ace sniper of the Living Dead Division and has extraordinary skills in tracking the enemy and shooting them down. In addition to sniping, Daryl has shown to be good at thinking on his feet, briefly holding his own against Federation ace pilot Io Fleming and his FA-78 Gundam, even in an older model Zaku I. Daryl is speculated to be a Newtype by his comrades, and he may very well be one since he showed exceptional skill in sniping and piloting the MS-06R Zaku High Mobility Type.


In December 0079, Daryl and the Living Dead Division are assigned to hold the Thunderbolt Sector against encroaching Federation Forces. Although Daryl and his squad, consisting of fellow snipers Fisher and Shawn, managed to decimate the attacking Federal forces, they are caught off-guard by Federation ace pilot Io Fleming, who had closed in on their location after his RGM-79 GM had been shot down. Daryl is forced to watch helplessly as Fleming kills his superior, Ensign Hoover, and appropriates his MS-09R Rick Dom. Daryl then promises to shoot Fleming down the next time they meet.

Daryl and his remaining squad mates return Hoover's body to their mothership, where they learn that the Ensign had been in a relationship with the Head of Prosthesis, Professor Karla Mitchum. Karla begs Daryl to avenge Hoover by killing Io, but Daryl simply asks for some pain medication to treat his legs. Daryl then tests the Reuse Psycho Device, affixed to a incomplete custom Zaku. Afterwards, Daryl and his squad attend a de-briefing where they learn of the appearance of the FA-78 Full Armor Gundam in the Thunderbolt Sector, Daryl suspects that his rival Fleming is the pilot and sets out with his squad to confront the Gundam. 

Daryl sorties in a MS-05 Zaku I alongside his fellow comrades and heads for Side 4 to ambush any approaching Federal Forces. They encounter Fleming piloting the Federation's new Gundam and engage him. Despite working together, they are unable to keep up with the Gundam's performance. Daryl manages to escape by reflecting a flare of the Solar Panels, blinding the Gundam. Unfortunately he is grievously injured during the battle and loses his left forearm. 

Under these circumstances, Sexton suggested that they have to use the experimental Zaku that uses the Reuse Psycho Device as a countermeasure to the Gundam. 


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