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Deborah Galiena (デボラ・ガリエナ Debora Gariena?) is a fictional character in Mobile Suit Gundam 00V. Deborah is a female test pilot of the United Nations, and later of the Earth Sphere Federation.

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Fighting Gundam Exia

She was engaged by the Gundam Exia in an American military base on Okinawa when she was inspecting the Shell Flag's features. She proved herself to be a great pilot as she was able to survive the battle uninjured.

Testing Throne Varanus

Alejandro invited Ms. Deborah to a secret establishment, requesting her to be the test pilot of the Throne Varanus. As a matter of fact, Alejandro himself was a member of Celestial Being, but for the purpose of his own righteousness in betraying the organization, he acknowledged the preparation of opposing machines like the Throne Varanus. One day when Ms. Deborah was testing, she heard his private secretary Ribbons say, "Alejandro is aiming for the world. Do you plan to be used like this?" And soon enough...When the work Ms. Deborah, Robert and others were completely finished, there was the worst possibility that Alejandro would dispose of them. In fear, Robert and Deborah escaped, making use of the Union Flag Orbit Package Colony Guard from the Orbital Elevator. The two people, trying to go to the Lagrange 1's Union Space Colony, didn't know neither that Celestial Being is hiding in Lagrange 1's Asteroid Area, nor that a large battle will occur. If they were to go to the colony, the two considered contacting Kinue Crossroad. Robert and Ms. Deborah meets Fon Spaak and gang, the members of "Fereshte", in the Celestial Being base in the Asteroid Belt. They see the "Gundam Nadleeh Akwos".

With the Earth Sphere Federation

Piloting the Advance GN-X

Deborah refused the test manager’s suggestion that she should board the GN-XIII and goes on the GNX-604T Advanced GN-X. Amy, who for some reason disliked Deborah, also boarded an Advanced Jinx. After the two people clear their cooperation mission, the scientists who were shown the good record which was better the new model were put in a state of confusion.

Advance GN-X vs. Jagd Arche Gundam

Deborah in her personal Advanced Jinx faced the GNW-20000/J Jagd Arche Gundam for extermination that indiscriminately attacks the place town where Katharon is hiding, and the Federation troops that she is a part of. Damaged in the battle reached her machine's solar furnace time limit, which showed it was empty. Causing her machine fall to the ground, but she lived through it.

Testing the Neo-Head

Deborah Galiena was one of the performers along with Amy Zimbalist testing for the Neo-Hed. After the test, Deborah frankly said her thoughts to the engineer. “…Thank you”. For the first time, the face of the engineer lit with happiness. But Amy said, “I think it’s impossible that it doesn't have a damned head!”. After this, the engineer said to Amy, “A head is nothing but a decoration!" “Some words from this damned Steel Cowboy.” They ended up in a scuffle.

The Anti-Federation PMC

Deborah and Amy sortie against the anti-Federation PMC. Prior to sortieing, faulty parts were found in Deborah’s GN-X’s fake solar furnace, at which time Amy offered his own machine’s parts to Deborah. Deborah sortied in an Advanced GN-X and Amy in a normal GN-X. At one point, Amy was shot down, but the enemy leader was in the area he crashed. Furthermore, a concealed establishment was found where his machine fell. The next day, Deborah appeared deliberately under dressed to an opera house where Amy invited her to watch. Robert also appeared there, after quarreling he decided to go with them.



Main article: Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations

Robert Spacey
She is also an old acquaintance of Robert Spacey.

Celestial Being

Main article: Celestial Being

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