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Decisive Fire (決意の砲火 Ketsui no Hōka?) is the thirty-eighth episode of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (thirty-sixth in the HD Remaster). It first aired on June 28, 2003 in Japan.


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To get a hold of Orb's mass driver, the Earth Alliance demands Orb to concede with them or be attacked for siding with ZAFT. Murrue decides the Archangel will support Orb and its crew members are discharged if they no longer wish to fight. Muruta Azrael, leader of Blue Cosmos, attacks Orb with three new mobile suits, the Forbidden, Raider, and Calamity. When Kira starts to have trouble with them, Athrun in the Justice arrives to help.


HD Remaster Changes

  • Shinn Asuka, Mayu Asuka and their parents are shown escaping.
  • Several scenes from the Special Edition release is added in this episode:
    • The slightly extended sequence of Clotho/Raider intending to destroy the Archangel.

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