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Delphine Bedelia


  • Dell Erda


Photo Novel


Hair Color
  • Red
Eye Color
  • Emerald
  • 26 (00P-S2)
Birth Date
  • Female
  • Mobile Suit Test Pilot (00P-S2)
Mobile Weapons

Delphine Bedelia (デルフィーヌ・ベデリア Derufīnu Bederia?) is a fictional character in the side stories of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. In Second Season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00P, Delphine is a test pilot from the Next Generation Development Technical Laboratory of the Human Reform League and serves as the co-pilot of Leonard Fiennes for the MSJ-06YIII-B Tieren Kyitwo. Delphine later reappears in Mobile Suit Gundam 00I 2314 as a member of Celestial Being with codename Dell Erda.

Personality & Character

Though she initially dislikes being partnered with Leonard Fiennes and regards him with little respect. In chapter 19, she realizes that Leonard didn't just want to defend her body, but also her heart. Delphine ends up wanting to protect him.

Skills & Abilities

Highly skilled and proud, Delphine Bedelia is a test pilot from the Next Generation Development Technical Laboratory of the Human Reform League and serves as the Tieren Kyitwo mobile suit's rear seat pilot.


Gundam 00P

Battling Sefer Rasiel

In chapter 14 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00P, Grave and his team had annihilated the pursuer of super soldier E-057, and they observed something new. A Next Generation Technique Development Laboratory. It is an organization for the development of a new MS Tieren Kyitwo. Suddenly, First Lieutenant Delphine and Second Lieutenant Leonard Fiennes, who is a super soldier witnessed the Gundam Rasiel, and having relayed the news, the Next Generation Technique Development Laboratory started to move to capture the Gundam Rasiel. Grave was the one who fell into the trap of the new information about super soldier E-057, but he felt no need to hurry. The GN Sefer that Hixar was piloting is coming, and he knew the height of the ability of the Sefer Rasiel that was united.

Hixar sorties leading a troop with a total of 3 GN Sefers. Grave forms Sefer Rasiel and tackles the Tieren Kyitwo, however, Delphine and Leonard shoots the GN Sefers one by one. Hixar's pod is also shot, and it crashes. 5 more GN Sefers arrives led by Miester 874 and they unite one after the other at the core block at the back of Rasiel signifying the fourth form "Angel's Book". Grave cornered the Tieren Kyitwo, but because he didn't notice the battle continuation time limit, he let the Tieren go. Regarding the reinforcements of the Realdo force that had stopped their contact come in, the Gundam-related battle traces needed to be concealed. Leonard, who got out of the Tieren Kyitwo from the place where it was left in the battlefield, trembled. Delphine softly caresses his face. Delphine thought that surely next time, she would want to have victory in her own hands for Leonard.

After she and Leonard become eyewitnesses of the Gundams, they are designated by Veda as the second of the primary targets to be eliminated when Grave is assigned to eliminate those aware of Celestial Being's existence.

Meeting Hallelujah

In chapter 19 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00P, "Hallelujah" appears at the start. Hallelujah is able to freely move while Allelujah sleeps. He rises up from the bed of their hiding place. Fon Spaak engages in a battle with Delphine and Leonard in a Tieren Kyitwo in one side. Fon let his own bright red Hellion Medium to be shot down with the purpose of making the Rasiel Gundam appear, but unexpectedly Delphine and Leonard retreated. At nightfall, Hallelujah appeared before the two who were moving in a big town. "You... HRL scums. Is that brat a super soldier? Did you pursue me...? That should have been some hard work." He puts on a stance with knives on both hands, and Delphine also immediately draws a gun. Leonard answers Hallelujah's question. He says, "Delphine is an important person".

After a moment, Leonard face started to strain in a headache. Delphine feels that the headache is caused by the target. Within this strained silence, Leonard worries if Delphine shoots him, she will surely be wounded by Hallelujah who is prepared to use his knife. Leonard says, "If you don't leave, I will wake up "he" who is inside you". "Tsk, guess I have no choice", and Hallelujah went away. Later on, Leonard and Delphine continue with a mock battle inside the research facility. Delphine remembers the time that Leonard's words when they met Hallelujah. She realizes that Leonard didn't just want to defend her body, but also her heart.


In gundam 00P chapter 22, VEDA order Grave to eliminate Tieren Kyitwo. In a certain desert, Grave fights with a Tieren Kyitwo. Destroys the drive of the Tieren Kyitwo in just a second after the Raziel begins to move, and ends the combat. Grave protested against the disposal orders. He let Leonard and Delphine to continue keep on living. In chapter 24, Leonard and Delfina’s personal objective changed into finding a comrade in Celestial Being, Grave. Both Leonard and Delfina became members of CB.

Gundam 00I 2314

Joining Fereshte

Delphine Bedelia is one of the new members of Fereshte along with Gundam Meister Leonard Fiennes. While Leonard was protecting Fereshte's asteroid base Delphine participated in the GN Drive development at the Jupiter base with Hayana. The team was heading home after retrieving the GNT-0000 00 Qan(T)'s GN Drives from Jupiter. It was not long before a lone spaceship would arrive from Jupiter. This event would trigger a major incident that would change the history of mankind to its core.


Human Reform League

Main article: Human Reform League

Leonard Fiennes
She dislikes being partnered with super-soldier Leonard Fiennes and treats him rudely.

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