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The Diona is a mobile suit which appears in the manga series Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

Since it was designed mainly for demonstrations, the Diona was only armed with a single beam rifle. Despite this limited armament, the suit was performance-wise on par with the commander-type mobile suit EMS-07 Erebado.

Some Dionas seen escorting the mobile armor EMA-06 Elegolea were holding large heat naginatas for it to use.


  • Beam Rifle
The beam rifle is a fairly standard armaments that almost all mobile suits are equipped with for combat. It is a ranged weapon that fires condensed beams of mega particles.
  • Large Heat Naginata
The large heat naginatas were carried by the Diona's escorting the EMA-06 Elegolea mobile armor.


The Diona was a mobile suits of the Jupiter Empire which, like several other models, was a variation of the EMS-06 Batara. Their outward appearance however was that of a human female, including a woman-like face. At least one squad of these suits was piloted by young females, who were all considered to be Newtypes, although this fact has never been proven to be true. This squad was sent out as a royal guard for Tetenith Dogatie, who was forced to fight against her friends of the Crossbone Vanguard in the mobile armor EMA-06 Elegolea during their battle at Earth. On their way into battle they were attacked by Tobia Arronax in his newly acquired XM-X3 Crossbone Gundam X-3, who was able to destroy most of the suits with ease. The remaining Dionas escaped when the Elegolea, which was in fact controlled by Tetenith's father Crux Dogatie, attacked Tobia.

Following the end of the first Jupiter conflict, Europa Dogatie, the second wife of Crux Dogatie, left the Empire together with several of her followers. When they reached Earth however, only Europa was able to escape in a Diona. She was pursued by several Jupiter Empire mobile suits, who quickly destroyed her suit - she fortunately escaped.



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