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Dozle Zabi (Gundam)






  • 210 cm
    6.89 ft
    82.677 in
Hair Color
  • Purple
  • 28
Birth Date
  • December 24, 0079 (U.C.)
  • Killed in Action
  • Male
  • Commander of the Zeon Space Attack Force
  • Vice Admiral
Mobile Weapons
Vessels Commanded

Dozle Zabi (ドズル・ザビ Dozuru Zabi?) is a character that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam television series and Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin OVA. Dozle is the third son of Degwin Sodo Zabi and the commander of the Principality of Zeon's Space Attack Force. As one can read, his role in the One Year War was commanding Zeon's space forces, whether from his headquarters in the asteroid fortress Solomon or through direct leadership in battle. He is best known for piloting the massive mobile armor MA-08 Big Zam.

Personality & Charachter

Tall, burly and scarred, Dozle casts a fearsome appearance at first glance but he is actually one of the more likeable of the Zabi clan. Gregarious and good natured, Dozle is a good man to his troops. He is also a devoted, loving family man and has a wife Zenna and baby daughter Mineva (however, it must be noted that he also took Marlene Karn as his mistress.) Dozle is closest to his younger brother Garma Zabi and actually looks forward to the day when Garma becomes an Admiral in his own right (In fandom, it's rumored that Dozle and Garma share the same mother, hence their closeness). Dozle dismisses Char Aznable from his division, blaming him (though not suspecting him of foul play) for incompetence in the battle that resulted in Garma's death. Dozle especially despises his sister Kycilia Zabi and this feeling is only increased when she recruits Char into her division.

Originally, Dozle was a bit docile and kind-hearted. But after Sasro's death, simultaneous with his own near-death experience, he became extremely ill-tempered when flustered. This hot-bloodedness was unhealthy as a heightened outburst of anger could cause his stitched scars to burst open, causing his face to bleed, though he seems to not even notice.

Dozle is revered by his troops in the Space Attack Force for personally leading them in battle. He and his bodyguard and close friend Shin Matsunaga were known to stage frontline "inspections" in his custom MS-06F Zaku II, which typically became impromptu raids on nearby Earth Federation forces.



Dozle's earliest known appearance was during a meeting between his siblings from the civil unrest that occurred after they had leaked the news that Zeon Zum Deikun had been assassinated. Kycilia had revealed that she allowed his fleeing family to escape, saying it wouldn't be worth it to squabble with Ramba Ral in his family. His brother, Sasro, angry at this, violently slaps her for foiling their plan. He questions why he responded so violently, but drowns him out before Gihren interrupts him to set in motion their next plan to take out the Ral family.

During a heated argument between him and Sasro Zabi after attending Zeon Zum Deikun's funeral, a car bomb exploded in which engulfed both him and Sasro Zabi. While the blast had completely consumed his brother, Dozle survived albeit heavily scarred, both physically and emotionally. He is later seen attending a meeting with Gihren and Kycilia, most of his face and his hands bandaged though insisted on staying on duty. Later, during the staged rampage of the Guntank, Dozle is attending to the unrest on the streets, fully healed. He instructs the Federation soldiers to not fire on the rogue Guntank as it contained the two children of Deikun and wait until they were retrieved, but their superiors insisted on opening fire. Their refusal causes Dozle's anger to peak, his scars bursting open again. At the same time, he receives a call from Gihren. Gihren instead requests for him to wait out how everything would unfold before being queried about Deikun's children. Not carrying one iota about them, he instead lets the two go, shocking Dozle. The Federation officers prepare to fire, but stop short of Dozle's presence and requests permission. He lets out a half-hearted confirmation, still reeling from the shock as the Guntanks and vehicles fire a barrage, destroying it.[1][2]

One Year War

Dozle first appears when Char reports to him regarding his discovery of the Federation's V Project. Dozle comments upon Char skipping an event for which he was to be the guest of honor. Following the death of Garma, Dozle returns to Side 3 where he meets with his father and siblings. There it is decided that Char will be dismissed from the Space Attack forces, although Char is immediately recruited by Kycilia to join her forces. Dozle later sends out the Conscon mobile assault force in an attempt to defeat the White Base and humiliate both Char and his sister.

Dozle's command center is located in the heart of the asteroid Solomon (later renamed Konpei Island by the Federation), and it is here that Dozle made his last stand. Late in U.C. 0079, the Federation launched an offensive against Solomon, utilizing their remaining Salamis and Magellan class vessels. When the Federation's Public class boats successfully deployed their beam dispersion smoke, Dozle ordered the mandatory evacuation of all non-essential personnel. At the same time, the Federation deployed its first Solar System array at Solomon, which destroyed anything attempting to leave. Dozle mounted his own mobile armor, the MA-08 Big Zam, and flew out to buy time for the evacuees. Dozle fought to the last - even when the Big Zam was destroyed by Amuro Ray's RX-78-2 Gundam, Dozle ejected and shot at the Gundam with a machine gun. He was caught in the exploding Big Zam's blast and was killed. His death marked the beginning of the end for Zeon forces in space.

Gundam Pilot Series of Biographies: The Brave Soldiers in the Sky


Notes & Trivia

  • Dozle's dead body can be seen floating in the opening of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation 1st movie, "Heirs To The Stars".
  • In the game Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space, there are quite a few unique dialog moments exchanged during VS Mode.
    • If the player were to put Dozle against Char Aznable, Char would say "I'm sending your brother to join you, Garma. Consider this my farewell gift," while Dozle questions his treachery.
    • If the player were to put Dozle against Anavel Gato, Gato proclaims "Vice Admiral Dozle?! This must be a mistake!"
  • Dozle's comment regarding the mass production of the Big Zam is constantly re-used throughout his noncanonical appearances, especially should he appear in a video game.


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