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Drake Pashuray


Photo Novel


  • Killed in Action
  • Male
  • Captain

Drake Pashuray (ドレイク・パーシュレイ Doreiku Pāshurei?) is a minor character from the photonovel Gundam Sentinel.


Drake is one of the original members of the Instructors Crops who rebeled and formed the resistance group New Desides. Despite his demonstrated loyalty his comrades view him as a coward and a traitor. After the Devil's Garden had been damaged by the Alpha Task Force, and the stationary cannons in it rendered inoperable, he asks Barve Cod for permission to use an observation vessel to fire the cannons manually. Cod and Tosh Cray deny him a vessel, believing him to be planning a cowardly act. They arbitrarily decide that he is a traitor and decide to make an example of him by killing him. When Alpha Task Force launches their second assault and conquers Pezun he commands a cruiser which is surrendering to the Federation (likely as part of New Desides plan to stall them). Brave Cod and Tosh Cray fly escort in MS, but after he surrenders they open fire on the Federation fleet which responds by returning fire on his vessel, thus killing him and the other "traitors" to New Desides.


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