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  • Eternal Alan Ray






Hair Color
  • Green
Eye Color
  • Purple
  • Deceased
  • Male

E. A. Ray (E・A・レイ E. A. Rei?) is a fictional character that appears in the Epilogue of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A wakening of the Trailblazer. E. A. Ray is a colleague and a close friend of Celestial Being founder Aeolia Schenberg. It was noted that he's Aeolia's friendly rival in chess.[1] He was also the base model for Ribbons-Type (0026) Innovades like Ribbons Almark, Sky Eclipse, Beside Pain and many others.[1]

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  • E. A. Ray is voiced by voice actor Tōru Furuya. Because of this fact and that both characters share the same last name made people think that E. A. Ray's name is a tribute to Universal Century's Ensign Amuro Ray. According to the Gundam 00 Movie New Year Special Screening, his full name is Eternal Alan Ray (エターナル・アラン・レイ Etānaru Aran Rei?).[2]

Articles & References

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