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The EB-06/tc2 Ryusei-Go (流星号 Ryūsei-gō?) (aka Graze Custom II (グレイズ改弐 Gureizu Kai Ni?)) is a mobile suit featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series. It is piloted by Norba Shino.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

An upgrade of the Graze Custom, equipment and technology from Teiwaz were used on the Mobile Suit. As a result, the suit now has shoulders and rear skirt armor derived from Teiwaz's Hyakuren, and although its weight increased, the new parts also grants it tougher armor and better attitude/posture control. Parts for attaching the Kutan Type-III's small side arm armor to the suit's legs were also incorporated. The small side arm armor helps to increase the Ryusei-Go's thrust, and gives its excellent performance in orbital combat despite the pull of gravity. The Ryusei-Go can also use the Kutan Type-III the standard way, with the small side arm armor still attached to the transport craft/booster.

The suit's control system has been changed as well, it is now connected to the Alaya-Vijnana System which is salvaged from a Man Rodi. This helps to make the mobile suit easier to control for its pilot, Norba Shino, who is used to using the system. The enlarged head fin, the artistic design on the head as well as the suit's unique pink coloring were all requested by Norba. He thinks that they will help increase his fighting spirit, but only a few members of Tekkadan agree with him. The cash-strapped Tekkadan initially wanted to paint the whole machine in white, the cheapest nano laminate armor paint. However, they were able to paint it in pink when they later found red nano laminate armor paint from the Brewers and combined it with their cheaper white paint. Norba was also responsible for naming the suit 'Ryusei-Go'.

Like the Graze Custom, the Ryusei-Go is recognized by Gjallorhorn's computer as being previously Crank Zent's Graze as it uses the Ahab Reactor from Crank's Graze and hence emit the same reactor frequencies.


  • GR-W01 120mm Rifle
The same standard shooting armament as used by standard Grazes. High accuracy, high utility value as the main or support weapon. Ryusei-Go wielded a pair of these during its first battle on Earth.
  • Short Rifle
When required, the Graze's Rifle can be configured into a short rifle by removing the sensor equipped standard barrel. The short rifle has lower range and accuracy, but it is ideal for close combat-use in conjunction with the Battle Axe.
  • GR-H01 9.8m Battle Axe
A standard close-combat weapon issued to Grazes. Because MS are protected by Nano Laminated Armor, direct blows are considered to be extremely effective during MS battle. The Battle Axe is an equipment developed for MS battle. It is stored on the side of the waist when not in use.

Special Equipment & Features

An organic device system, it is an old type of man-machine interface. Apparently, the system was developed during the Calamity War to maximize the abilities of mobile suit. The system consisted of two parts, one part is installed in the mobile suit, and the other part (informally referred to as "Whiskers") is implanted into the pilot’s spine (usually at a young age as the implant only fuse with growing children). Thanks to this system, the pilot can be connected to the mobile suit's computer and directly process mobile suit data. It also allows the pilot (even uneducated ones) to operate the mobile suit for combat without reading the instruction manual. The implant in the pilot also enhances spatial awareness. The Ryusei-Go was fitted with the Alaya-Vijnana System salvaged from a Man Rodi as neither the original Graze nor the Graze Custom was installed with it. However since the system was forcefully integrated into an existing control system, its information transfer capabilities are inferior to the one on Gundam Barbatos. It does make the Ryusei-Go an easy to handle mobile suit for the Tekkadan's pilots though.
  • Head Sphere Sensor
Inherited from the Graze Custom, a spherical sensor is mounted inside the head, it is revealed during optical long-distance viewing and precise measurement.
A long distance transport craft/booster used for transporting containers and mobile suit. It can travel at extremely high speeds and thus traverse great distances in just a short amount of time. Besides the standard method of attachment to the Kutan Type III, the Ryusei-Go can alternatively attach the transport craft/booster's small side arm armor onto its legs, and they grant the suit increased thrust, and excellent performance in orbital combat despite the pull of gravity. The Kutan-Type III was eventually damaged and abandoned in space.


After the battle with the Brewers, the Graze Custom was upgraded with help from Turbines and passed over to Norba Shino while Akihiro move on to pilot the ASW-G-11 Gundam Gusion Rebake. Norba then renamed the mobile suit "Ryusei-Go", however few Tekkadan members liked it. The Ryusei-Go was first deployed when Tekkadan got involved in the Dort Colonies' workers rebellion. The unit quickly got into a confrontation with Ein Dalton's EB-05s Schwalbe Graze outside the Dort Colonies, and Ein was enraged to find that Crank Zent's Graze has been painted in such vulgar colors. The fight was cut short when Ein left to protect Gaelio/Gundam Kimaris.

Ryusei-Go got into a confrontation with Ein's Schwalbe Graze again during the atmospheric re-entry battle. In this battle, the Ryusei-Go was using the JEE-M103 Kutan Type-III, but the mobile armor was soon damaged and abandoned. The Ryusei-Go was subsequently entangled in Schwalbe Graze's wire claw, but despite having the advantage, Ein was forced to leave the fight to save Gaelio/Gundam Kimaris. The Ryusei-Go and Norba than returns to the Tekkadan's shuttle for the atmospheric re-entry to Earth.

It then participated in the battle of Millennium Island, and helped to repel Carta Issue's Graze Ritter team, defeating/destroying several of the Graze Ritters in the process. When the Tekkadan arrived at Edmonton, the Ryusei-Go and other mobile suits in the group protected the rear as the other members tried to enter the city that is heavily guarded by Gjallarhorn. It was heavily damaged by the EB-AX2 Graze Ein that was piloted by Ein Dalton, who was glad to finally recover Crank Zent's Graze. However, Ein later left the suit behind when he decided to pursue Kudelia Aina Bernstein, and it was eventually found by Tekkadan's Yamagi Gilmerton.

It is unknown what happened to the Ryusei-Go after the battle at Edmonton. However, its Alaya-Vijnana System was later transferred to the STH-16/tc Shiden Custom and its battle data was also used by the new MS.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Ryusei-Go translates to "Meteor".
  • Ryusei-Go has a resemblance to Corporal Giroro from Keroro Gunso (known by its English name Sgt. Frog). Said anime is also made by the Sunrise, the same studio that animated the Gundam franchise. Keroro Gunso also pays multiple tributes to the franchise.


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