The EB-08 Reginlaze is a mobile suit from the second season of the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Design & Development

A successor to the Graze, the Reginlaze specializes more in anti-MS combat than its predecessor.[1] Previously, Gjallarhorn's mobile suit were developed focusing on ease of maintenance and operation, as their main function was as a deterrence force for maintaining law and order.[1] However, the battle of Edmonton two years ago encouraged the development of heavily armed mobile suits with increased firepower and high output.[1]

The Reginlaze has a simplified structure with limited parts when compared to Calamity War era mobile suit, making it easier to repair and maintain.[1] Its frame is based on the Graze's, and was reinforced to mount heavier armaments.[1] Like its predecessor, the Reginlaze is a versatile machine that can operate in any environment, and can be fitted with different parts to meet the needs of different battles, as well as different armaments to handle any kind of combat.[1] Currently, only 18 units had been rolled out, all assigned to selected pilots of the Arianrhod Fleet.[1] Julieta's machine was customized to have even higher output and mobility, and uses the handheld armament Twin Pile.[1]


  • GR-W11 130mm Rifle
Reginlaze's standard rifle. It has a larger caliber than Graze's rifle.[1]
  • Twin Pile
Julieta's preferred weapon, it is a prototype handheld weapon for the Reginlaze and has an anchor tucked in the end of the handle.[1] The pair of Twin Piles are used for continuous attacks, with the wire-linked anchors used for hitting ranged enemy, clinging to enemy units, etc [2][3]
  • GR-E11 Gauntlet
Additional arm-mounted armor for the Reginlaze. It functions as a shield and as a knuckle guard.[1]
  • Multi-Weapon Pack
A sword-unit-integrated rifle with an exchangeable barrel.[4] It uses the 130mm rifle as the base unit.


  • Head Sphere Sensor
Like its predecessor, the Graze, the Reginalze has a spherical sensor in its head which is revealed for optical long-distance viewing and precise measurement. However, the Reginlaze's sensor have three cameras instead of one.
  • Glider (For Mobile Suit)
Shaped like a large shield, it is used to protect the Reginlaze from the intense heat when entering a planet's atmosphere from space. Due to its toughness, it also protects the suit from ground-based attacks while landing.

Operational History




  • Reginlaze's model number appear as EB-08s in HG kit.


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