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The EMA-01 Acusirio is a support vehicle that appears in Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The EMA-01 Acusirio is a mobile suit support vehicle. The vehicle is designed to carry two mobile suits, specifically EMS-06 Batara models, and sports a single powerful mega particle cannon. Of the two carried mobile suits, one acts as the Acusirio's pilot while the other serves as a support gunner.

There is a high probability that the Acusirio was designed not only to serve as a mobile suit's weapon's platform, but to serve as a means of increasing flight range. The concept has been seen many times starting in the One Year War with Zeon's Skiure and the Federation's Burstliner, and more prominently a decade later with the AEUG's Mega Launcher and FXA-08R Mega Rider.


The EMA-01 Acusirio was employed by the Jupiter Empire by UC 0133. It was typically used to defend outposts in outer space.

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