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The EMA-02 Thostede is a support vehicle that appears in Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The EMA-02 Thostede is a mobile suit support craft designed to fill multiple roles.

Its first role is that of a sub-flight system. The unit can carry three mobile suits with one standing atop the unit while manning an anti-air beam gun and two hanging from the spars that connect the wings to the main body near the thrusters. The Thostede can maintain flight not only in space but also in the atmosphere under at least IO strength gravity

The second role is that of an assault vehicle. For this purpose the Thostede is armed with a turreted 2-barrel beam gun to use against mobile suits.

It is unknown whether or not the Thostede has an internal cockpit or if it relies solely on a mobile suit to pilot it.


In UC 0133 the Jupiter Empire used the EMA-02 Thostede as part of the defense force at multiple facilities. One such facility was Meteor 202, one of the Empire's military base, where the Thostede were manned by EMS-06 Batara mobile suits. Another facility was the Empire's military headquarters on IO where the machines were used with EMS-07 Erebado mobile suits.

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