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The EMA-10 Divinidad is a prototype newtype mobile armor, it was featured in the manga Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam. The unit is piloted by main antagonist of the series, Crux Dogatie.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Although possessing only a few weapons, the Divinidad was incredibly powerful. For ranged combat, it was equipped with a large mega particle cannon in its head and a medium beam cannon on the left side of its face. It was also equipped with a huge number of feather funnels, which were stored in the wings of the mobile armor. These funnels were sent out in waves and used to crash into enemy units to destroy them while at the same time being capable of surviving such a collision. The most powerful weapon of the mobile armor however was its compliment of 16 nuclear warheads. These warheads would be more than enough to completely eradicate all life on planet Earth. Lastly, the Divinidad mounted two beam shields in its forearms for defense. The reactors that powered the Divinidad used radioactive neutrons as a reactant rather than the standardized helium-3 of the U.C. era, making it a type of "dirty reactor". The multiple reactors essentially make the Divinidad a mobile nuclear weapon.


  • Large Mega Particle Cannon
  • Medium Beam Cannon
  • Nuclear Missile
  • Beam Shield
  • Feather Funnel

Special Equipment & Features

  • Organic Computer Control System
  • Psycommu System


The final and most powerful mobile weapon created by the Jupiter Empire, the Divinidad was personally piloted by Crux Dogatie. All in all, eight identical versions of the Divinidad were created, each piloted by a clone of Dogatie (with one being piloted by the real one). The Divinidads were activated during the last battle over Earth between the Jupiter Empire and the Earth Federation Forces/Crossbone Vanguard. Seven of these mobile armors fought against the EFF and Vanguard in orbit of Earth, inflicting heavy damage to both sides. The tide of the battle however changed when the colonial forces sent their troops to battle the Jupiter Empire, leading to the destruction of all seven Divinidads.

The eighth Divinidad, piloted by the real Dogatie, was contained in a capsule and secretly sent to Earth while the other seven fought in orbit. XM-X3 Crossbone Gundam X-3 pilot Tobia Arronax and XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1 Kai pilot Kincade Nau, however, spotted the capsule and followed it, leading to a battle between the three units on Earth. In the battle, Tobia was able to disable the nuclear missiles, only to lose the Muramasa Blaster shortly thereafter. When Dogatie tried to kill him with the large mega particle cannon, Tobia flew into it and activated the I-field generators of his suit, while escaping with the X3's core fighter, only to be rescued by Kincade. The overload destroyed the X3 and severely damaged the Divinidad. Dogatie survived the explosion but was finally killed by Kincade.


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