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The EMS-TC02 Phantom is a transformable mobile suit featured in Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Ghost.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The EMS-TC02 Phantom was the second Thousand Custom unit to be developed by the Jupiter Foundation. It has incorporated the Minovsky Drive technology and was originally meant for the sole purpose of travelling between Earth and Jupiter. But in the case of combat, it has been given combat capabilities. As a Thousand Custom, the suit is supposed to be on par to an army of a thousand Mobile Suits. It is ultimately inferior to the LM314V21 Victory 2 Gundam.

It was developed from the Minovsky Drive technology from the F99 Record Breaker stolen by Callisto's Shadow. The technology was then incorporated into an Amakusa. Because Jupiter did not have the resources to create a perfected Minovsky Drive, this resulted in an incomplete Mobile Suit with the lack of balance between the two technologies and was abandoned as a failure. Under the cover in the head is the mono-eye camera commonly used in Jovian Mobile Suits. Although the Phantom was originally developed as a transformable MS, a problem with the Minvosky Drive forced the developers to abandon the completed transformation mechanism. A physical lock was placed on the transformation mechanism located in the torso so that the Phantom would be rolled-out as a standard humanoid MS.


  • Flame Sword
A powerful high output beam saber which utilizes the same Phantom Light mechanic. By "flushing" the I-field against a beam shield or beam saber, the Flame Sword can destroy the I-field that holds the shape of the defending weapon.
  • Butterfly Buster B
A replica of XM-X0 Crossbone Gundam X-0's butterfly buster but built with current technology, resulting in higher power output.

System Features

  • Minovsky Drive
With the Minovsky Drive, the Phantom could generate the Wings of Light similar to the Record Breaker and Victory 2 Gundam, named "Phantom Light." The Phantom Light is emitted in a ghostly fashion as its integration to the Mobile Suit is imperfect, fitting for its name with about 50% the strength of the Victory 2's. There is a time-limit of 15 minutes in using the Wings of Light due to the imperfect reverse-engineering, but a cooling system has been installed to remedy the limitation though it extends another 15 minutes. It can also generate an I-Field barrier that was barely able to weaken a VSBR shot.
  • Heat Radiation Face Open
  • Bio-computer
  • Mirage Oiseau
A hidden mobile armor transformation mode hidden within the Phantom. Its main purpose was for stable long-haul space flights between Earth and Jupiter. Although the Mirage Oiseau's appearance gives the impression of poor aerodynamics for atmospheric flight, the I-Field barrier which surrounds the Mirage Oiseau give it increased flight performance on Earth compared to its standard MS form. Font Baud physically destroys the lock placed on the mechanism, which allows the Phantom to transform into the Mirage Oiseau.



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