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The EMS-TC04 Desphys is a mobile suit which appears in the manga series Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Ghost. The unit is piloted by Jack Friday.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The EMS-TC04 Desphys is an advanced Jovian mobile suit built on the concept of Thocus, or Thousant Custom, which is a philosophy of "1 defeating 100." The Desphys' specialty is close quarters combat.

Of special note is that the head unit of the Desphys features a "mask" that protects the optical equipment and a heat radiation vent similar to the F91 and F97 (Crossbone) Gundams possessed. Since these vents had only appeared on those Formula series Gundams it is possible that the Deshpys is partially based on them.

As with most mobile suits that specialize in melee combat, the Desphys is designed for maximum range of movement for its arms and legs and features a high level of agility.

In place of manipulator hands the Desphys features a pair of beam rotor/beam claws/beam shields. Essentially at the end of each arm is a rotary device in which three beam claw emitters are set at equidistant lengths from each other. The beam claws can be used as standard beam sabers or the rotary mechanics in the arm can be activated, allowing the claws to serve as a beam rotor, beam shield, and essentially a beam buzz-saw at the same time. The claws can also be brought together to form a beam drill, increasing its destructive capabilities by a considerable margin.

To balance its armaments the Desphys features a beam gun at the end of each arm, in the center of the rotary mechanics.

In terms of speed the Desphys can easily out-accelerate and outpace a 70 year old mobile suit.

One weakness the Desphys has is that there are flaws in the computer system's ability to determine the capabilities of "unknown" machines. For instance because the designers never anticipated the Desphys facing a 70 year old Zaku II, the targeting computer correlates its size to be 15 meters tall, the same as modern mobile suits, thus the Desphys' pilot will have trouble striking the Zaku because the targeting computer is telling him that the Zaku is closer then it actually is.


  • Beam Rotor/Beam Claw/Beam Shield
  • Beam Gun

System Features

  • Heat Radiation Face Open


The EMS-TC04 Desphys is a unit built in the early UC 0150s as part of the "Circus" mobile suit squad. As a Circus mobile suit the Desphys is one of seven machines designed to fight a high number of enemy mobile suits on its own.

In UC 0153 the Desphys was deployed to the Side 3 colony cluster to retrieve data on Angel's call on a request from the Zansacare Empire.

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