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ENG-001 Estardoth


259 ENG-001 Estardoth (from After War Gundam X)00:32

259 ENG-001 Estardoth (from After War Gundam X)

Unit Type

Commander-use General-Purpose Mobile Suit




Model Number
  • ENG-001
Known Pilots

General Characteristics

Head Height
  • 16.0 meters52.493 ft
    629.921 in
Max Weight
  • 8.96 metric tons
  • Ultracompact fusion reactor
Pilot Accommodations
  • Pilot only (in cockpit in chest)
  • 2 x machine cannon

The ENG-001 Estardoth is a commander type mobile suit in the anime series After War Gundam X.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Armed with only two chest-mounted machine cannons, the ENG-001 Estardoth is a rather weak mobile suit which could be destroyed by machine gun fire alone.


  • Machine Cannon


Built at an unknown time by the People's Republic of Estard, the Estardoth was considered an old and weak mobile suit in AW 0015. In that year, when the New United Nations Earth started to conquer Earth, Estard was faced with not only a war with the superpower but also with their old enemy the Democratic Republic of Gastar. Being hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, the government decided to surrender but General Lee Jackson refused to follow this. Together with nine ENG-002 Pyron units and with the Estardoth as his personal suit, Jackson decided to attack the overwhelming forces of the New UNE on his own. The battle lasted only a short time until only the damaged Estardoth was still standing. Having already decided that he would fight till the end, Jackson was able to destroy two DT-6800A Daughtress units, until his suit was destroyed by a barrage of machine gun fire coming from several other Daughtress units.

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