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The ENG-002 Pyron is a Mobile Suit in the series After War Gundam X.

Technology & Combat Capabilities

The only fixed armament of the ENG-002 Pyron consists of two machine cannons mounted in its torso. The suit can however use a hand-held heavy machine gun and optionally a large machine gun mounted on a tripod. The fact that the Pyron doesn't feature any beam weapons perhaps played a part in their poor battle performance against the mobile suits and mobile armors of the New United Nations Earth.


  • Machine Cannon
  • Heavy Machine Gun
  • Tripod-mounted Large Machine Gun


The ENG-002 Pyron is the standard mobile suit of the People's Republic of Estard, Democratic Republic of Gastar and the United Kingdom of Northernbell. Each country has a different colour scheme to their Pyron mobile suits to aide in telling them apart from one another. The countries formed an alliance to combat the ever expanding New United Nations Earth, deploying Pyron mobile suit into heavy combat areas of the respected countries. A number of Estard Pyron's went to the aid of the Northernbell when their capital was attacked during "Operation S". Fighting within the capital the Pyron's were ultimately overwhelmed by the superior numbers of the New UNE. The Pyron mobile suits continued to see action for the rest of the conflict between the allied forces of Southeast Asia and the New United Nations Earth.


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