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The Einerad is a support vehicle that appears in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A large wheel, big enough for a smaller MS of the late Universal Century era to ride inside and enable flight. The usage of Einerad is much similar to an older subflight system, with pair of beam cannons and a 9-tube missile pod as built-in weapons. Unlike typical subflight system, Einerad has notable high defense, its wheel could withstand even beam weapons, making it ineffective to attack the Einerad from the front or behind. Although it's vulnerable from a side attack, this could easily be remedied with beam shields. On the other hand, the MS in the Einerad could simply charge at the enemy, crushing them with its massive wheel. Also different to most subflight systems, the Einerad was also capable of operating underwater.


  • Beam Cannon
  • 9-tube Missile Pod


Developed as part of the Earth purification plan, the design of Einerad took advantage of compact designs of MS in the late Universal Century era. Highly effective, versatile and easy to produce, the Einerad became a favored weapon of Zanscare Empire and made the beam rotor obsolete. The ZM-S24G Gedlav was specifically designed to be used with the Einerad, while ZM-S21G Bruckeng had a Einerad built into its frame.


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