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The Eos Nyx is a ship that appears in the Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam manga.

Technological and Combat Characteristics

The Eos Nyx is a variant of the Mother Vanguard that has been stripped of weapons and primarily used as a transport ship.


The Eos Nyx served as a transport ship that shuttled supplies from the Earth Sphere to the Jupiter Sphere for the Berah Ronah's Crossbone Vanguard as a means of supporting the pirate groups fight against the Jupiter Empire. The captain of the ship is Sherindon Ronah, Berah's cousin. Supplies included everything from foodstuff to mobile suit parts, however the supplies were limited by what Sheridon got their hands on, such as when she could no longer bring replacement parts for the Zondo Gei mobile suits because parts were no longer being manufactured.

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