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  • Silver Wolf of the Sea


  • December 13, 0079 (U.C.)
  • Killed in Action
  • Male
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant Commander
Vessels Commanded

Erich Hartmann (エーリッヒ・ハルトマン Ērihhi Harutoman?) is a fictional character appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam: Big Picture Book of Strategy and Tactics - One Year's War Complete Record.


Lieutenant Commander Erich Hartmann was a Principality of Zeon Jukon-class commander as part of Zeon's 20th Submarine Squadron during the One Year War. He was given command of the No.2 Jukon-class submarine U-202. Nicknamed the "Silver Wolf of the Sea", Hartmann was greatly feared by Earth Federation Navy commanders who headed towards the Indian Ocean. In December 5, U.C. 0079, Hartmann ignored orders to return to headquarters during mop-up operations conducted by the Federation Forces in Africa. Hartmann committed himself in an attempt to intercept the landing force by rushing in from the direction of the Indian Ocean. He succeeded in sinking 8 landing ships and 3 destroyers. Hartmann was killed in December 13 when U-202 was sunk by Federation Forces.

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