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Kira survives due to the Freedom's cockpit being intact, and is rescued by Cagalli. Despite his victory, Shinn is scolded by Athrun who defended that Kira does not deserve to be killed and the Archangel and the Freedom are not enemies leading the two ZAFT pilots in a heated argument. Durandal's words inspire a widespread popular uprising against Logos, while the damaged Archangel heads for Orb. Durandal visits the Minerva and introduces the Destiny and Legend mobile suits, which are intended as replacements for the Impulse and Savior, respectively.


The episode left off with Shinn defeating the Freedom. Unknown to Shinn, Kira survived the ordeal since the cockpit was unscathed during the Impulse's final attack. The Archangel is then seen submerging.

Back at the Minerva, the ZAFT recruits were rejoicing over Shinn's victory and Rey congratulates the latter for defeating the Freedom. Shinn then tells an exasperated Athrun that the former took revenge and avenged the latter's defeat. Hearing this, Athrun grabs Shinn by the shirt and tells the latter that Kira was not even trying to shoot Shinn down. But rather protecting the Archangel although the two were being restrained by Lunamaria and one of the recruits, the argument still continues as Athrun asks Shinn if the young pilot is satisfied that he killed the Freedom's pilot. Shinn replies that he deserves to feel happy since he defeated a powerful enemy. He then asks Athrun that instead should he (Shinn) be crying, praying or even getting killed during the battle. Athrun then punches Shinn after hearing this. Shinn was about to retaliate until Luna, one of the recruits and Rey restrain the two.

Rey then tells Athrun that despite Shinn's unacceptable attitude, he succeeded in following ZAFT's orders; to take down the Archangel and defeat the Freedom and should be congratulated instead of being criticized over the young pilot's actions.

Athrun told Rey and Shinn that there is no reason for Kira getting killed in the battle and the Freedom and the Archangel are not their enemies. But Rey says they are enemies, since it is ZAFT's orders to take them down despite the fact that their (Archangel) motives are unknown since they are soldiers from ZAFT, and they must obey all orders from Chairman Durandal.


  • A flashback of the final episode of Gundam SEED where Kira defeats Rau Le Creuset is seen in this episode after Athrun hears Shinn telling that he took revenge
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