The Extreme Gundam Tachyon Rephaser is a variant of the Extreme Gundam R, equipped with the Tachyon Rephaser Pack. It is featured in "Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost" arcade game, as well as in the Gundam EX A VS manga. It is piloted by Sthesia Awar Acht.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The first Armor Pack of the Extreme Gundam R revealed, it is developed from the original Tachyon Armor Pack. Just like the original, it is a close-quarter-combat-oriented-only gigantic mobile suit armed with a giant sword as well as two more maneuverable sabers stored on its hips. For defense, it is equipped with two shields (one attached to each shoulder). Unlike the original Extreme Gundam, the yellow V-fins of the Extreme Gundam R doesn't separate from the white one.


  • Giant Sword
  • Sabers
  • Shields
  • Beam Sabers
The original, fixed weapons of the Extreme Gundam R. Due to the Tachyon Rephaser Armor Pack, their access is hindered.

System Features

  • Armor Packs


The Extreme Gundam Tachyon Rephaser is piloted by Sthesia Awar Acht.


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