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The F-7D Spearhead is a multi-role atmospheric fighter used by the Earth Alliance. While it is an agile aircraft with VTOL capabilities, it is severely outmatched by mobile suits, and was very limited in effectiveness until the Earth Alliance fielded its own mobile suits, shifting the Spearhead into a support role. The Spearhead's cockpit and armament are similar to those of the larger FX-550 Skygrasper, indicating that it might be the basis of the Skygrasper design. Spearheads are commonly found at Earth Alliance bases and on Spengler-class.

Many Earth Alliance mobile suit pilots started their careers as Spearhead pilots, most notably Edward "Ed the Ripper" Harrelson. Mobile armor ace Mu La Flaga also briefly piloted a Spearhead in his escape from JOSH-A during the Battle of Alaska, just before his defection to the Orb Union.

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