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The F90A Gundam F90 Assault Type (aka Gundam Formula 90 Assault Type) is a long range assault use mobile suit and variant of the F90 Gundam F90. The unit was featured in the manga series Mobile Suit Gundam F90.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

One of many F90 Gundam F90's optional armament variations developed by the Strategic Naval Research Institute between UC 0110s and 0120s, the F90A Gundam F90 Assault Type (or "A-Type" for short) is designed to perform surgical strikes against enemy bases and encampments. Equipped with a set of Minovsky craft unit/propellant tank packs on its arms and legs, the F90 A-Type can hover through the atmosphere, allowing it to quietly approach its target.

In addition to its standard vulcan guns, beam sabers, and mega beam bazooka, the A-Type is also fitted with a large weapon/booster pack on its shoulders and backpack, which houses a pair of beam cannons and machine cannons over the mobile suit's shoulders and mounts four extra rocket thrusters to provide additional conventional propulsion and to help overcome the weight of the added-on hardware. This uniform weapon/booster pack design requires that the mobile suit's shoulders be locked into place, leaving the A-Type's AMBAC to be handled mostly by its legs.


  • 60mm Vulcan Gun
The Gundam F90A is equipped with a pair of head-mounted Vulcan guns to serve as a mid-close range defensive weapon. While they do little damage against the armor of a mobile suit, they are useful for shoot down incoming missiles, small attack vehicles, or to deter closing in enemy
  • Beam Saber
The beam saber is the standard close-combat weapon of many mobile suits, it emits a blade of plasma contained by an I-field that can cut through any physical armor that have not been treated to resist it. The beam saber is powered by a rechargeable energy capacitor, and the Gundam F90A is equipped with two beam sabers stored on the backpack.
  • Mega Beam Bazooka
An optional weapon of the Gundam F90A is a Mega Beam Bazooka, which can be mounted on the waist weapon mount. It utilizes the technology of a beam rifle on a slightly larger scale, and is powered by a replaceable E-Pac (the Gundam carries two spare E-Pacs on its hip armor hardpoints.) The mega beam bazooka fires slower moving mega particles, causing its beam to widen and allowing the beam to cause damage over a greater area, ideal for dealing with battleships or catching multiple mobile suits off-guard.
  • Machine Cannon
Mounted on the shoulder and backpack hardpoints of the Gundam F90A is a pair of Machine Cannons, and they are more powerful than the vulcan guns.
  • Beam Cannon
In addition to the Machine Cannons, the Gundam F90A's weapon/booster pack also mounts two Beam Cannons. They works in the same principle as beam rifles, albeit in a bigger scale and with slower moving mega particles, causing its beam to widen and allowing the beam to cause damage over a greater area, ideal for dealing with battleships or catching multiple mobile suits off-guard.


The Gundam F90A Assault Type underwent field testing in U.C 120, and it was stationed on Ra Cailum-class Admiral Tianem as part of the 13th Experimental Battle Group. Its pilot was Def Stallion, an employer of the Strategic Naval Research Institute. The Admiral Tianem came into conflict with the Mars Zeon during a test flight near Side 4 on October 28. And although the E.F.F emerged victorious in this brief conflict, it costed them both of the F90 Gundam F90 units.

Another Gundam F90 unit was built between U.C 120 and U.C 122, and it participated in the war with the Mars Zeon, who, under the leadership of Charles Rochester and their ally the Crossbone Vanguard, had began in their invasion of Earth. The Gundam F90, and the F90A Gundam F90A in particular, was piloted by Bergh Scred.


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