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The FA-78 Full Armor Gundam is a prototype mobile suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt series. It is piloted by Io Fleming.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Heavily armed and armored the FA-78 Full Armor Gundam (Thunderbolt sector use) combines heavy firepower and durability with high manueverability from the added backpack. Many addition of equipment are given to achieve its high combat performance, as demonstrated by its pilot Io Flemming such added equipment such as the external fuel tank and missile could be also used as decoys outside its original purpose, other equipment includes 4 shield and rubber joint cover to protect the suit body from asteroid debris, its main weapon include a twin barrel beam rifle, a beam cannon, cluster missile launcher located in the backpack, a handheld missile pod, and missile launchers around part of the body. An added armor like the one from RX-78NT1 could be detached during emergency to conserve thruster fuel use, during the battle in Thunderbolt Sector both the shield and added armor are shown able to withstand direct fire from 120mm zaku machine gun and direct bazooka fire, as when fired only unarmored part of the head was damaged, an intersting part is the FA-78 lacked head vulcan in exchange for an added sensor camera. And last but not least a radio usually tuned to jazz music are ductaped by its Pilot who is a big time jazz enthusiast.

During the battle for Thunderbolt Sector its pilot Io Flemming would use all of its added equipment in both conventional and non conventional ways, one of the best example is using the sub-arm to attach a fuel tank to a Zaku II and finishing it with a cluster missile to create a distraction, its high manueverability and speed is also one of its high point that made it hard to aim by Big Gun Snipers. The emergency feature was also used During the final battle capability to detach backpack and the added armor to lose dead weight, in this mode the suit have 1 emergency beam saber located near the hardpoint of its backpack as a final resort of defense, the added sensor camera is also capable to replace the main "eye" camera should it be damaged.




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