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The FF-3F Saberfish (FF-3F セイバーフィッシュ?) is Space Fighter (宇宙戦闘機?) appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin. The Earth Federation Forces used them during the One Year War.[1][2][3]

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The FF-3F is a space fighter deployed by the Earth Federation Space Force for combat in outer space. With landing gear retracted it is 6.9m tall, but with the landing gear extended, its height is 7.1m. However it can be modified to fly at high altitudes in the atmosphere so as well as being a space fighter, it is an air-to-air fighter. The FF-3F specializes in attacking by firing a large numbers of missiles.[2]


  • Machine Guns
Machine guns are built into the nose of the FF-3F.[2]
  • Detachable Container-Type Missile Launchers
These are mounted at four points on the top and bottom of the fuselage.[2]

Special Equipment & Features

  • Rocket Boosters
When it needs to switch from atmospheric flight to space flight, these provide nimble maneuvering allowing it to provide anti-air protection for spaceships.[2]


The Saberfish first saw action at the Battle of Loum.[1]


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