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The GT-Bit is a Bit Mobile Suit in the series After War Gundam X.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The only weapon used by the GT-Bit is the Inner Arm Gatling, which is the same weapon used by the GT-9600 Gundam Leopard.


  • Inner Arm Gatling Gun
Similar to the GT-9600 Gundam Leopard, the GT-Bit uses an Inner Arm Gatling Gun.


Created by the United Nations Earth during the 7th Space War, the GT-Bit is one of three mobile bit models built at this time. It's outward appearance resembles its main unit, the Gundam Leopard and from this unit the GT-Bits could be controlled by a Newtype pilot using the Flash System. Although the exact amount of built GT-Bits is unknown, several of them were used during the last battle of the 7th Space War, in which the UNE tried to prevent the Space Revolutionary Army from throwing a large number of colonies down on Earth. They however failed to prevent the mass colony drop and it is presumed that all GT-Bits were destroyed during this battle, since no new units appeared afterwards.

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