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The FX-9900 GX-Bit (aka GX-Bit, Bit) is a Bit Mobile Suit in After War Gundam X.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The FX-9900 GX-Bit series is a mass-produced MS reserved and used exclusively by New-Types. UNE engineers realized the combat potential behind New-Types and exploited their mental capabilities to create the Flash System to mentally remote control the GX-Bits. Overall, the bits are physically near identical to GX-9900 Gundam X. Short of the four Torso Vulcans, it is equipped with the same Satellite Cannon, beam sword, and shield buster rifle like Gundam X. When activated by the Flash System, the bits act as combat support for its New-Type master. For overwhelming firepower, the bits can all sequentially charge their Satellite Cannon for coordinated long-ranged attacks.


The satellite cannon is the single most powerful weapon mounted on a mobile suit in the After War timeline. The GX-Bits used the same satellite cannon installed on the Gundam X. Since the GX-Bits were unmanned, their satellite system was used from the main Gundam X controlling the Bits. Despite being only Mobile Bits, the firepower of their satellite cannon was the same as the one of the main unit. When in use, the satellite cannon deploys over the GX-Bit's right shoulder.
  • Large Beam Sword
Stored on the end of the satellite cannon, the Beam sword is the GX-Bit's main close-range weapon. It is more powerful than a standard beam saber. A unique feature of the beam sword is it's plus-shaped blade.
  • Shield Buster Rifle
The GX-Bit's main armament. The Shield buster Rifle is a unique weapon that can instantaneously transform from a beam rifle to a shield and back again. It's beam rifle mode is strong enough to cause serious damage to enemy suits, and its shield mode is thick enough to withstand most projectiles and prolonged exposure to a beam saber.

Special Equipment & Features


Created by the United Nations Earth during the 7th Space War, the GX-Bit is one of three mobile bit models built at this time. It's outward appearance resembles its main unit, the Gundam X and from this unit the GX-Bits could be controlled by a Newtype pilot using the Flash System. Although the exact amount of built GX-Bits is unknown, several of them were used during the last battle of the 7th Space War, in which the UNE tried to prevent the Space Revolutionary Army from throwing a large number of colonies down on Earth. They were used by young Newtype Jamil Neate who used them together with his Gundam X to destroy one of the colonies of the SRA. Jamil however failed to prevent the mass colony drop that occurred afterward.

In AW 0015 a small number of GX-Bits were salvaged by Olba Frost from the bottom of the Sea of Lorelei to be used by the New United Nations Earth. These Bits were part of a secret project of the Old UNE called Operation L. Jamil however, with the help of his old friend Lucille Liliant activated them to fight against the forces of the New UNE. Afterward Jamil would destroy the bits to prevent them from falling into the hands of the New UNE.


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