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  • 28
Birth Date
  • Killed in Action
  • Male
  • Mobile Suit Pilot
  • Lieutenant
Mobile Weapons

Fast Side (ファスト・サイド Fasuto saido?) is a character in the Mobile Suit Gundam photo-novel Gundam Sentinel, he is a war veteran and the pilot of a Xeku Eins in the New Desides Fourth Assault Squadron.


When New Desides has been forced out of the doomed Ayers City they are taken in by Admiral Twanning and the forces of Neo Zeon. The surviving forty-odd New Desides argue in the dining hall on board the Neo Zeon battleship Gwaley. They are debating whether or not to join Neo Zeon. Fast side suggests in the debate that rather than decided as a group, each member decide for themselves. He also believes that if they split into two groups, one that joins and one that does not, that if one group is destroyed the other will fight on. After the others disparage the idea of splitting into two groups he says that only Tosh Cray can make the ultimate decision. Cray supports the individual decisions and New Desides, though he officially disbanded it, fights on with twenty-eight supporters.

Upon receiving the mobile armor Z'od-iacok from Neo Zeon, he becomes a pilot of the Zoan II and thus when combined a co-pilot of the Z'od-iacok.

Shortly before the Task Force Alpha attack on Penta he is sleeping in a bed next to Cray and witnesses Cray violently awaken from a nightmare. He asks about the nightmares. Cray does not reply and does not follow the suggestion to return to sleep, instead he opts to get an early start tuning the Z'od-iacok. When the Z'od-iacok engages the Pegasus III, Side and Cray become annoyed with the actions of a single Nero Trainer. Side fires the killing blow from their mega-particle cannon as Cray screams not to. The result is that he killed Stole Mannings, Cray's friend, comrade, and one-time savior. He wants to continue the attack, but Cray makes them withdraw saying that the Pegasus III is crippled and that they need to intercept the S Gundam. Upon intercepting it they see it combine and failing to shoot it down during its combination, Cray and Side decide to separate the Z'od-iacok into its component Zoans. Fast Side takes off in the Zoan II and the two circle around widely attempting to pincher the S Gundam, however when Side attempts to fire his mega-particle cannon the Z'od-iacok shows the flaw which caused it to be abandoned by Neo Zeon, it the mega-particle cannon overheats first itself and then the engines and the machine explodes, killing Fast Side.