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Figure-Rise Bust Logo

Figure-Rise Bust (FRB) is a line of Gunpla kits from the Gundam meta series and is a spin-off of Bandai's Figure-Rise line. This line focuses on character busts. Each kit features layer injection, with multiple colors molded on one part. The bust's base can also dock into an Action Base 1 for display with the character's Mobile Suit.[1] Aside from the Gundam franchise, the Figure-Rise Bust line also includes characters from Macross Delta and Active Raid: Kidō Kyōshūshitsu Daihachigakari.

This article covers only the Gundam releases.

FRB # Model Series Yen Price Release Date Notes
Figure-rise Bust-Kira Yamato
Kira Yamato Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ¥1,200 2016 June First release from the Cosmic Era timeline.
Figure-rise Bust-Athrun Zala
Athrun Zala Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ¥1,200 2016 June
Figure-rise Bust-Mikazuki Augus
Mikazuki Augus Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS ¥1,200 2016 August First release from the Post Disaster timeline.
Figure-Rise Bust-Setsuna F. Seiei
Setsuna F. Seiei Mobile Suit Gundam 00 ¥1,200 2016 September First release from the Anno Domini timeline.
Figure-rise Bust-Fumina Hoshino
Fumina Hoshino Gundam Build Fighters Try ¥1,800 2016 December First release from the Build Fighters timeline. Can be displayed with or without jacket.
TBA Lacus Clyne Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ¥1,800 2017 February
TBA Lockon Stratos Mobile Suit Gundam 00 ¥1,200 TBA
TBA Akihiro Altland Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS ¥1,200 TBA
TBA Char Aznable Mobile Suit Gundam ¥1,200 TBA First release from the Universal Century timeline.
TBA Shinn Asuka Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny ¥1,200 TBA

Yen price excluding 8% tax.

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  1. Gundam Guy - Figure-rise Bust Kira Yamato (Bandai Hobby) - Release Info

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