This article is about an After War technology. See Psycommu System for the Universal Century variant, DRAGOON for the Cosmic Era variant, or Bit Control System for the Anno Domini variant.

Flash System





The Flash System (フラッシュシステム Furasshu Shisutemu?) is a system used in Mobile Suits of the After War era.

Technical Informations

The Flash System was installed in several different mobile suit models to grant a Newtype pilot several special abilities. The most common ability granted by the Flash System is the control of unmanned Bit Mobile Suits. Through the System, the Newtype could control these mobile bits to quickly attack enemies and overwhelm them. The second function of the Flash System was the activation of the Satellite System. This version of the Flash System was only installed in the original GX-9900 Gundam X models. Later models using the Satellite System are able to use it without the Flash System. The third and currently last known ability of the System was designed to increase overall pilot performance at the expense of the ability to control Bit Mobile Suits.


Developed by the Old United Nations Earth during the 7th Space War, the Flash System was installed in each of their Gundam-type mobile suits for the various reasons mentioned above. After the apocalyptic end of the war and the death or disappearance of most Newtypes, the Flash System became obsolete, since most Gundams surviving the war fell into the hands of non-Newtypes.

In AW 0015, the New United Nations Earth developed the GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X, which also uses the satellite system. This suit is based upon the old Gundam X piloted by Jamil Neate during the last war. Using the recorded brainwaves of Jamil which were stored inside the computer, the Satellite System could be used without the Flash System, so it wasn't installed in the suit. The last new mobile suit to use the System was the experimental NRX-016 Rasveht, which again allowed a Newtype pilot to control Bit Mobile Suits. The Rasveht however was destroyed in its debut battle and since then, no new Mobile Weapons using the Flash System have appeared.

Suits using the Flash System

Background Informations

The flash system has many similarities to the Psycommu system used in the Universal Century series of the Gundam, though it never demonstrates any of its instability or side effects.

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