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For the Barrel(フォー・ザ・バレル FOR THE BARREL) is an abstract novel adaptation of Yoshiyuki Tomino's Mobile Suit Gundam published in January 2000 issue of Newtype Magazine. The series was put as part of the Gundam metaseries and was part of the Universal Century time-line. However, it has no relation to resemblance on famous mobile suits known as Gundam.



1/No Future-PROLOGUE

2/tribal arrival

3/Revise Revive Revival



List of Mechanics

Mobile Weapons

  • Blondie
  • Cannon Boy
  • GM (Gladiator Machining-skin) "Gravity"

Machining humanoid weapon skins Earth Federation is officially

  • Gunboy-Orville

Skin cancer, the second machining Boy Series 4 recoilless rifle equipped with a fixed two gates. Known as "Cannon Boy"

A prototype Machining Skin created by the Earth Federation Military. The emphasis on movement in space, which specializes in knocking exercise all four limbs, "Elan's Pendulum," a characteristic that is designed to shape. Aka "Albino" (so called from the camera body and a red eye emitting light colors such as white).

  • G3 (Ghost)

Power equipment and final machining to be humanoid weapons aboard Jewel Skins Ling followed by Wilbur Ake. Bailey would later bow custom dedicated machine. G3 is the name of the key weapons grade 3 level in the first machining unit skins (battleship class) that was named after it. Known as "Ghost"

  • L-Mess
  • Mister Ball

In large heavy equipment has been developed for space colony construction of space "machining worker." Pegasus crew is on board with Ramudowai. Specialized versions armed combat "Fireball" also exists.

  • Gazabareru

Vehicles and Support Units

  • Musai class
  • Muse class
  • White Base class (Pegasus)

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