The Forever Gundam Mk-III "Red Ranunculus" is a model mobile suit featured in Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning D.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Forever Gundam Mk-III "Red Ranunculus" is a custom model kit produced by Shingo Asume before the final showdown at the All Japan Gunpla Battle. It is based on the HGUC Delta Gundam and is equipped with four VSBR Funnels mounted on the dorsal wing binders. It is also armed with an integrated shield/beam rifle with beam cannons on each side that offer a combination of offense and defense. Due to its high firepower and mobility, it is regarded as a masterpiece. It features Saki Mishima's personal crimson colors.




  • In the language of flowers, Red is a symbol that expresses "passionate love." In the story, the Red Ranunculus represents Shingo's feelings for Saki.

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