Four Doga Commandos
Doga Commandos

Voiced By

English Voice Dominic Joseph (Grey Doga)
Military Info
Allegiance Dark Axis

The Four Doga Commandos are characters in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


When a serious assault is needed, the Dark Axis use powerful Doga Bombers in place of Zako Soldiers. These specialist troops are led by four dedicated commanders (Gray Doga, Yellow Doga, Blue Doga and Purple Doga). While three of them were destroyed by the Gundam Force, Grey Doga was personally wiped out by Commander Sazabi for having failed him. Each of their wings hold different weapons that suit their individual needs.

Grey Doga


Grey Doga

The leader of the Doga Commandos, Grey Doga leads the other Doga's in an assault on Neotopia. Overseeing the operations of the Doga Bombers, he reports directly to the Red Zako. When the other Doga Commandos are defeated by the Gundam Force, Grey Doga is destroyed by Commander Sazabi for his failure.

Blue Doga


Blue Doga

Blue Doga, along with Purple Doga engage Zero and Bakunetsumaru as they hold off the advancing forces of the Dark Axis in Neotopia. Blue Doga fights against Bakunetsumaru, and uses the petrified citizens of Neotopia as a way to force Baku into submission.

Purple Doga


Purple Doga

Blue Doga, along with Purple Doga, engage Zero and Bakunetsumaru as they hold off the advancing forces of the Dark Axis in Neotopia. Dueling against Zero, Purple Doga uses the BaguBagu to threaten a group of humans, forcing Zero to divide his attention between Purple Doga and the BaguBagu threat. Purple Doga's weapons are a pair of triple missile launchers mounted on his wings.

Yellow Doga


Yellow Doga

Yellow Doga intercepts Captain Gundam, Shute, and Gunbike as they head toward the Re-Equip ring. GunEagle comes to their aide and battles Yellow Doga in the air. His weapons are a hand-mounted triple-barrel machine gun and two large missiles mounted on his wings. GunEagle defeats Yellow Doga.


  • The Four Doga Commandos are based on the MSN-03 Jagd Doga and Messer Doga. Yellow Doga's color scheme is based on Gyunei Guss's custom Jagd Doga.
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