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The Fraser-class is an escort destroyer or flotilla leader frigate in the Cosmic Era timeline.

Combat Abilities

Since this ship class is designed mainly to act as an escort for the larger surface vessels of the Earth Alliance, it is only moderately armed with a single 127mm rapid fire gun for surface warfare and possible bombardment use. It is also armed with CIWS consisting of three 25mm anti-air gatling guns for missile interception or to shoot down mobile suits at close range. Rounding out its armament are numerous anti-air and anti-ship missile launchers, capable of unleashing a large number of missiles on enemy warships and mobile units if coordinated with other ships.


The Fraser-class destroyer is a naval warship manufactured and operated by the Earth Alliance. The primary role of the Fraser class is to act as the primary escort for all Earth Alliance naval formations or units, especially the Spengler-class Carriers'. It lacks any mobile suits, though it is able to support 2 helicopters. The hull design is largely conventional, and despite their role as escort ships tend to perform poorly against mobile suit units.


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