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The Fuunsaiki is a support Mobile Armor from the anime series Mobile Fighter G Gundam. The unit is piloted by Master Asia's trusted steed, Fuunsaiki.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Fuunsaiki is both a Mobile Armor, and an actual horse, built to enhance a Mobile Fighter's aerial capabilities. The Gundam's movement, like all other Gundams in the series, is based on the pilot's movement. The Gundam version of Fuunsaiki is classified as a Mobile Horse. Although Fuunsaiki is rarely or never seen fighting, it is usually used a mode of transportation. For this, the Gundam docking with the Mobile Horse must control it using its entire body. It can also function as an aerial platform, used as a means of stability or movement through space, as the platform is only ever seen in space.


  • Unicorn Horn

System Features

  • Mobile Trace System


Mobile Fighter G Gundam

The Fuunsaiki first appeared during the Gundam Fight Finals in Neo Hong Kong, controlled by its rider Master Asia. Later into the series, after Master Asia's death, Domon Kasshu takes Fuunsaiki into his possession, and shortly after learning that Rain Mikamura had been kidnapped, and that the Devil Gundam is still functioning, Domon takes Fuunsaiki with him into space.

During the battle with the newly rebuilt Devil Gundam, Domon ends up leaving behind a trapped Fuunsaiki which was being restrained by the Devil Gundam. Fuunsaiki is seen in the last episode during the end, after the Devil Gundam is defeated, when Domon and Rain are both riding Fuunsaiki while in the God Gundam. Fuunsaiki then sprouts energy wings as they decide to return to Earth.

Gundam Build Fighters

In a montage of secondary cast victories during a special racing round of the Gunpla battle tournament, the 侍ノ弐 Sengoku Astray Gundam is seen riding Fuunsaiki. It is not known how Nils Nielsen piloted it as no control system is shown.

Picture Gallery

Notes & Trivia

  • The name - Fuunsaiki originates from a 1993 movie The East is Red(東方不敗 – 風雲再起),directed by Tsui Hark.
  • In the dark history data in ∀ Gundam, Fuunsaiki's blueprints can be seen.
  • In SD Gundam G Generation F, Fuunsaiki is a Support Flight System unit. It has unique trait of being the only SFS with two modes. When most mobile suits ride it, Fuunsaiki will appear in platform mode. However, it will appear in horse mode when used by Master Gundam or God Gundam, with new move sets.

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